Dec 6, 2016

How to Take Care of a Dementia Patient in the Hospital

Keep in mind that bad behaviors in the hospital can be attempts by your loved one to communicate that there is a problem, an unmet need, fear, fatigue or pain. Be a detective and try to figure out what it can be. Advocate for your loved one, they can’t do it for themselves.

How to care of an Alzheimer's patient or dementia patient in the hospital.
By Carole B. Larkin
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I attended a wonderful lecture given by my friend Sydney Farrier, LCSW, in Dallas, TX.

She was speaking to professionals on

Challenges in Caring for a Hospitalized Dementia Patient.

I will attempt to translate some of the lecture for families so they can help the hospital personnel treat/manage their loved one in a way that will reduce agitation as much as possible, and provide the best outcome for the loved one with dementia.

Rewiring My Brain and Stepping into Alzheimer's World

Once you start to understand how things work in Alzheimer's World - you get calm and comfortable.

How to use you brain for more effective Alzheimer's care, dementia care, and memory care.
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Once you get calm and comfortable you give off a better "vibe" to someone that has Alzheimer's.

Over time as you learn how to understand, cope and communicate with a person living with dementia you will find that instead of being at odds most of time you begin to relate better to each other. Once you start to relate to each other you find that it is much easier to operate in a world filled with Alzheimer's disease.

The key word here is relate.

How to relate to an Alzheimer's Patient

Dec 5, 2016

Alzheimer's Care Patients Lose Their Sense of Time

Please take the time to understand the issue of time in Alzheimer's and dementia care.

Dementia Patients Lose Their Sense of Time
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

The decision you are making is between having a patient who is mean and confused, or a patient who is kinder, gentler, and cooperative.

We live, organize, and regulate our lives through the understanding of time.

What is the Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Dec 3, 2016

How Often Should You Visit a Memory Care Patient

Dr. Rita A. Jablonski-Jaudon is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced persons I know when it comes to memory care, dementia and caregivers.

The role of visitation in Memory care and dementia care.

I forwarded Rita a question from one of our readers.

"How Often Should You Visit a Memory Care Patient When They First Go In"?

This is an important question, and is often a great source of anxiety for Alzheimer's caregivers.

The answer often depends on the actual circumstances at the time.