Aug 15, 2007

Johnnie Byrd Alzheimer's Center gets the shaft from the State of Florida

The Johnnie B. Byrd Sr., Alzheimer's Center & Research Institute supports cutting edge research on Alzheimer's disease in its own affiliated laboratories and clinics throughout the world. The Byrd Alzheimer's Institute is a non-profit organization.

Florida Govenor Charlie Crist has instructed the Department of Elder Affairs to trim its budget by up to $20 million. Against this backdrop the Byrd Center could lose two thirds of the funding it gets from the State of Florida. If enacted the Center would be forced to lay off most of its staff and cut nearly all its research under proposed spending reductions. The Center says it could lose 50 of its 70 employees and all 12 of the clinical trials already being conducted there would likely be dropped.

There are an estimated 450,000 Alzheimer's patients residing in the State of Florida.

Interested parties are urged to contact their local state representatives and send emails direct to the Governor's office.

Neither Robert T DeMarco or anyone at the Alzheimer's Reading Room are associated with the Byrd Center, nor have we used any of their services.

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