Nov 23, 2007

Do You, Or Someone You Know, Work At Deloitte? UK

Spread the word. Likely a serious donation that would make a difference.
Alzheimer's is on the shortlist to be one of Deloitte's chosen charities for 2008 and 2009, and Deloitte staff across the country are voting for their favourite charities from the list. If we win, Deloitte pledge to raise £500,000 to support Alzheimer's and dementia work in the UK.

So if you, or someone you know, works at Deloitte, please join our campaign to secure as many votes as possible. If you're on the Deloitte Facebook network, start an Alzheimer's group. Speak to family, friends, colleagues, penpals, people sitting next to you on the bus, the lad handing out the free paper in the morning - it all helps!

Voting opens on Wednesday 21 November and closes on Wednesday 5 December - so join our fight against dementia now!
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