Mar 1, 2008

Life book to help Alzheimer's patients

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A charity dedicated to Alzheimer's disease has dreamt up an innovative idea which could help to reassure sufferers and help them to remember.
Alzheimer's Support, a charity in Trowbridge, has created the concept of a 'Life Book', which comprises both a photo album and a scrapbook to help patients remember important occasions and events in their life.
The Alzheimer's charity helps patients to put the Life Book together themselves, picking out key pieces of information from their lives.
"Being a carer for someone with Alzheimer's is extremely physically and mentally stressful. I have to be with Don at all times. If he is left on his own he suffers extreme anxiety and descends into a wild panic. At night he wanders around the house and looks through cupboards."It is devastating to have to deal with this and I am extremely grateful that I have Alzheimer's Support to help me.
"We had a great time doing it and Don responded really well."
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