Apr 18, 2008

Study Results Of GAMMAGARD S/D And GAMMAGARD LIQUID In Patients With Mild To Moderate Alzheimer's Disease Announced

New York-Presbyterian
Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center and Baxter International Inc. (NYSE:
BAX) announced results of a six-month, placebo-controlled Phase II study of
24 patients treated with GAMMAGARD S/D and GAMMAGARD LIQUID [Immune
Globulin Intravenous (IGIV)
The study met the primary endpoint criteria favoring
GAMMAGARD LIQUID and GAMMAGARD S/D over placebo on measures of cognitive
function and global impression of change
The study also met
secondary endpoints that measured changes in beta-amyloid and anti-amyloid
antibody levels in blood and cerebrospinal fluid
Results show findings
indicative of potential efficacy and tolerability
Beta-amyloid is a
substance thought to contribute to the degeneration of the brain in
Alzheimer's disease. Clearing this substance from the central nervous
system, therefore is hypothesized to help remove or reduce the building
blocks of Alzheimer's.

Baxter International Inc.
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