Jul 30, 2008

The Forgetting DVD

"The Forgetting" did a beautiful and honest job of capturing those thoughts and feelings and emotions that the loved ones face through the long, slow course of this disease....

The Forgetting - A Portrait of Alzheimer's


Rosemary Thornton

Speaking as someone who just emerged from those trenches, I highly recommend this documentary. This morning, several hours after watching the video (last night), I feel more peace about Auntie's passing than ever before. I feel as though someone took my hand and said, "it's okay. You did all the right things."

Buy it, rent it, watch it, but be prepared to shed a few tears.


This one you won't forget.The amazing advances in understanding Alzheimer's.This PBS special brings hope and understanding!

Sean W. Scott

As an elder law attorney who deals with dementia and Alzheimer's on a daily basis I strongly recommend this dvd. It is a sobering and realistic insight into what is coming next in your journey as a caretaker. It is so valuable in fact, that I have several copies that I keep to loan out to clients. If you are dealing with the issue of Alzheimer's disease, you must see this DVD.

Alzheimer's Disease -- Advice and Insight

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