Apr 3, 2009

136 Drugs That Can Cause Cognitive Impairment

I ran across several articles that refer to a report that appears on worstpills.org. The report includes a list of 136 commonly prescribed drugs that are potentially dangerous to seniors' cognitive health--could cause cognitive impairment.

The report reminded me of a doctor that wanted to prescribe a depression drug for my mother before she was tested or diagnosed. He concluded after a few minutes that this was the way to cure her new--mean --behavior. At the time, my gut told me to investigate first. I told him we would consider his recommendation. I went home, jumped on Google, and quickly came to this conclusion--not a good idea. We changed doctors.

Over the years, I learned that doctors are quick to prescribe medications so they can get on to their next ten minute appointment. It took us 4 tries before we found the best personal care physician for my mother.

When it became apparent to me that my mother was very sick, I moved to Delray Beach, Florida to take care of her. My mother lives in an over 55 community, and over the years I have watched 15 people, 80 or older, fall into dementia. I have also watched as many of them receive one drug after another for any little thing that bothers them. I always ask--did you ask the doctor if this will conflict with any other drug you are taking? I'll let you know when I finally talk to someone that says yes. The older generation has complete and total faith in their doctor--even if he looks at his watch every time they want to ask a question. Beware the ten minute appointment and the doctor that doles our prescribed medications like gum drops.

You might want to check into these articles and decide for yourself if there is anything you need to investigate or be doing.

Drugs cause confusion in elderly

Worst Pills--136 Drugs that can cause Cognitive Impairment

You have until April 7, to get in and check out the article at Worst Pills.org.
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