Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving- a Day to Express Your Gratitude

By Carole B. Larkin
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I believe that Thanksgiving is the perfect day to express gratitude for the good things in your life. This is my list for this year.

* For the life that my mother and father gave me at birth.

* For the life my mother gave me on the day of my father’s death (I was 5 ½ years old). She swore that I would be independent and that the same thing would never happen to me as did to her. And she lived up to her word.

* For the life my mother gave me when she gave me unconditional love and forgiveness.

* For the life my mother gave me by teaching me courage by the way she lived her life.

* For the trust my mother gave me when she was old and had Alzheimer’s.

* For the blessing that she gave me by dying of other causes and not having to suffer the indignities of late stage Alzheimer’s.

* For my friends old and new, near and far who cared about me in my hours of grief and told me so.

* For Max Wallack who gives me hope for the future

* For Bob DeMarco and the Alzheimer’s Reading Room and for all his readers who allow me to spread my knowledge and never fail to teach me everyday.

* To my clients who have allowed me into their lives and have blessed me by coming into mine.

* To God for allowing me to discover my purpose in life.

What is your list this year?

Carole Larkin MAG, CMC, DCP, EICS is a geriatric care manager who specializes in helping families with Alzheimer’s and related dementias issues. She also trains caregivers in home care companies, assisted livings, memory care communities, and nursing homes in dementia specific techniques for best care of dementia sufferers. ThirdAge Services LLC, is located in Dallas, TX.

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