Feb 19, 2011

Video Pete the Parrot Tip, Dotty Talks to Harvey

This tip might help your Pete the Repeat Parrot work better...

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

You might be able to improve Pete the Parrot by placing him on top of a small container with the open side up. I would also suggest if you can remove the halo to do that also. See the video.

Pete and Harvey continue to amaze. Dotty continues to enjoy interacting with them.

I'll get into all the benefits we are receiving next week. Here is one that might catch your attention. Dotty is sleeping, taking fewer naps, during the day. And, she is definitely experiencing less "dull" time.

If you don's see the video go here. Click on the video for a bigger version.

Repeat Talking Toy Parrot

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