Jun 15, 2012

Did Alzheimer's Rob the Person You Know, Living with Dementia, of their Ability to say YES to Activities?

A resounding 73 percent of Alzheimer's caregivers answered yes to this question.

Did Alzheimer's Rob the Person You Know,  Living with Dementia
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I recently conducted a poll and asked this question,

Did (Does) Alzheimer's rob the person you know, living with dementia, of their ability to say YES to activities?

There were three choices: Yes, NO, and Not applicable to me. Here are the results of the poll..

YES --- 73 percent
NO --- 25 Percent
Not applicable to me --- 2 percent

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I'm not surprised by the result of this poll. Are you?

I know this is a big problem among Alzheimer's caregivers. This is particularly true of new caretakers with little experience. I know this because it is not unusual for me to receive emails asking me what can be done about this.

Even after 8 years, Dotty is still quick to say NO. But, it is no where near as bad or as often as it was during the first four years.

Has the Alzheimer's patient kept you from engaging in activities, or attending events and outings because they say NO? Have you stayed at home alone, because the Alzheimer's patients refuses to go out with you?

When a person living with Alzheimer's says NO, what do you do?

Do you accept the NO, or do you do something to get them to cooperate, or to get them to engage in the activity they are saying NO too?

When a person living with dementia say NO, do they really mean NO?

Have you developed a technique, or routine, that helped you overcome this inertia on the part of the Alzheimer's patient?

What advice would you give to an Alzheimer's caregiver that is currently unable to get a person with Alzheimer's to engage in social events or activities?

This poll was conducted by the Alzheimer's Reading Room. The respondents were current subscribers, readers, visitors from Facebook, and other social media sources including Internet search.

Bob DeMarco is the Founder of the Alzheimer's Reading Room and an Alzheimer's caregiver. 

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