Oct 19, 2016

The Best Way to Find Solutions to the Problems that Caregivers Face Each Day

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How to Get Answers To Your Questions About Alzheimer and Dementia

The Alzheimer's Reading Room has over 5,000 articles. Has published daily since July, 2009; and, operates for the benefit of society.

We address most of the issues and problems that Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers face each day. We also provide solutions to those problems.

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The knowledge base is easy to search.

For example, if you are have a problem getting a person living with dementia to do any of the following enter that word: shower, bath, medication, cooperation, socialization, UTI, coping or home.

For one of my favorite searches enter these words - How To.

Try these searches. I think many of you will be pleasantly surprised.

Alzheimer's disease communication

Communicating in Alzheimer's World

Alzheimer's caregiver tips

Alzheimer's vs dementia

Memory Care

Dementia Care

How to Listen to an Alzheimer's Patient 

Falling and Losing Balance

Best Online Memory Tests

Sundowning Dementia

Wandering and Alzheimer's

How to get a dementia patient to eat more food

The possibilities are endless.

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Bob DeMarco