Oct 19, 2016

The Best Way to Find Solutions to the Problems that Caregivers Face Each Day

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How to Get Answers To Your Questions About Alzheimer and Dementia

The Alzheimer's Reading Room has over 5,000 articles. Has published daily since July, 2009; and, operates for the benefit of society.

We address most of the issues and problems that Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers face. We also provide solutions to the problems that caregivers face each day.

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The knowledge base is easy to search. For example, if you are have a problem getting a person living with dementia to do any of the following enter that word: shower, bath, medication, cooperation, socialization, UTI, coping or home.

For one of my favorite searches enter these words - How to communicate with dementia patients.

Try these searches. I think many of you will be pleasantly surprised.

Alzheimer's disease communication

Communicating in Alzheimer's World

Alzheimer's caregiver tips

Alzheimer's vs dementia

Memory Care

Understanding Dementia Patient Meanness

How to Listen to an Alzheimer's Patient

Problems with Balance, Walking, Falling

How to Test Your Memory

Sundowning Dementia

Wandering and Alzheimer's

How to get a dementia patient to eat more food

The possibilities are endless.

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"The Alzheimer’s Reading Room is what it claims to be – and more. 
This comprehensive site is run by full-time caregiver and gifted advocate Bob DeMarco. 
Filled with wonderful contributions from a variety of talented writers, this site offers everything you need to know about the challenge of caregiving, learning about your loved one’s condition, and taking care of yourself as well. 
Thanks to the tireless efforts of everyone at the Alzheimer’s Reading Room, you have a go-to place for advice, education, and an occasional laugh. Stop by, and start feeling empowered to handle life as a caregiver."

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