Jul 25, 2015

When Dementia Care is "Good Enough"

As caregivers we make every effort to do right by our loved ones afflicted with dementia.

Yesterday I reread an article by Pamela R Kelly that reminded me that when we the caregivers "sacrifice" and try to do the best we can that is - "good enough".

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Pamela wrote:
Good enough is enduring 25 minutes of mean and nasty and unrelenting remarks on the drive to an adult day program twice each week.

She says,

"We sacrifice much in pursuit of the goal. We’re focused on trying to provide loving care, and trying to create some ease and contentment for someone we love who needs a lot of assistance."

She then went on to talk about respite care.

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By Bob DeMarco
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To read Pamela's original article click on the link.

And I would also like to highlight another wonderful article she wrote that meant a lot to me.

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