Sep 19, 2018

Coping with Mirror Anxiety in Dementia Patients

People with dementia move backwards in time, and may no longer recognize their current selves in mirrors (or any reflective surfaces, like inside windows at night-time).

Reflection in the Mirror

by Rita Jablonski
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Some people “friend” themselves (see When Alzheimer's Patients Friend Themselves). They happily talk to and interact with their reflection. Other people become upset when they see a stranger staring at them in the mirror.

4 Ways to Deal with Anger and Confusion on the Part of a Loved One Living with Dementia

The more confused a person living with dementia becomes the meaner they get.

"They love us and rely on us so much they can't stand to be without us".

The harder they are to deal with on a daily basis.

Much of this has to do with self esteem and boredom. 

Here are 4 of the best solutions I developed to help caregivers to cope and communicate with an angry, confused dementia patient.

Sep 14, 2018

Alzheimer's World - The New Reality

Once you accept Alzheimer's World and learn how to operate in Alzheimer's World you'll learn that opposites can indeed attract. And stick together like glue.

Alzheimer's World

To understand Alzheimer's
You must redefine reality
This new reality is called
Alzheimer's World

Sep 13, 2018

Alzheimer's The Day Your Loved One Won't Know You

After an incredible outpouring of emotions the caregiver experiences an immediate sense of relief when they first learn they are not alone.

Knowing the day is coming when your loved one won't know you is the most horrific feeling of them all for an Alzheimer's caregiver

In a series of articles I asked Alzheimer's caregiver a simple question that could be defined this way --

Will persons living with Alzheimer's become an empty shell?

Alzheimer's The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

I must remind myself that the hard to comprehend behaviors being expressed by a person living with Alzheimer's are part of the disease, and are not a deliberate bad act on the their part.

"Alzheimer's caregivers ride the world's biggest, fastest, scariest, emotional roller coaster every day".

It is difficult to describe the range of emotions an Alzheimer's caregiver might feel or experience in a single day.

Imagine being happy and then sad, caring then angry, focused then frustrated -- an almost endless stream of feelings and emotions that conflict.

Sexual Behavior Among Adults with Dementia Living at Home

Researchers found that 59 percent of men and 51 percent of women living with dementia are sexually active.

Loving Hands
More than 40 percent of partnered men and women ages 80 to 91 also reported being sexually active.

But the likelihood of partnered sexual activity declined with lower cognitive scores for both women and men in the study.