Jul 18, 2018

Can You Change Patterns of Behavior in Dementia Patients?

People living with Alzheimer's and dementia are well known for their challenging and often difficult behaviors.

People living with Alzheimer's and dementia are well known for their  difficult behaviors.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

What can you do about it?

Looking for Meaning Behind the Words

She told us that she used to want to run her head into a brick wall when her mother started repeating the same story over and over.

Looking for Meaning Behind the Words | Alzheimer's Reading Room
By Tom and Karen Brenner
Alzheimer's Reading Room

There is wonderful little tea shop that opened near us, and I have been visiting it with friends regularly.

A month or so ago, I met an old acquaintance there; she wanted to learn more about the work that Tom and I do using the Montessori Method to help people living with Alzheimer’s.

Her mother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she wanted to get some tips on how to better help her mom.

Jul 16, 2018

Alzheimer's World Versus Reality

Once you accept Alzheimer's and learn how to operate in Alzheimer's World you'll learn that opposites can indeed attract. And stick together like glue.

"To understand Alzheimer's You must redefine reality. This new reality is called Alzheimer's World"

Imagine communicating with someone for 50 years or longer. Then they change. They are not the person you always knew? If not, who are they?

Managing Dementia in Acute and Long Term Care Settings (Webinar)

People with dementia demonstrate challenging behaviors when hospitalized; these behaviors are their way of communicating.

The goal for this segment is to improve the hospital experience for people with dementia.

We will discuss basic ways to decode the messages. We will also provide non-drug strategies that nurses and family members can use to manage the behaviors.