Nov 23, 2008

Benefits Check Up

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I want to introduce you to a website for all seniors (older people) called Benefits Check Up. This service from the National Council on Aging has helped more than 2 million people find over $6.7 billion dollars worth of service.

The website streamlines the process of finding programs that can help you pay for prescription drugs, health care, meals, utility bills, and more. If you have never used the site, I suggest you go there and fill out the comprehensive service form. Once you fill out the form you will be taken to a list of services that are available to you or your loved one. This is an important service that could save you money and its free. 

Benefits Check Up is the best site I have seen on the Internet for caregivers searching for help, ways to reduce prescription costs, and special services that are available nationally and locally. If you are a caregiver it is perfectly appropriate for you to fill out the form for another person.

You can also fill out forms for specific services. Please choose the appropriate link.

Comprehensive Check Up.  Find programs that can help you pay for prescription drugs, health care, meals, utility bills, and other servcies.

Prescription Drug Assistance. Find programs that can help you reduce your prescription drug and health care costs.

Medicare Rx Extra Help. See if you’re eligible and apply for Extra Help paying for your Medicare prescription drug costs. If you are in the "doughnut hole" this service should be of particular interest. If you use the comprehensive form this help is included.

Senior Housing Locator. Find senior housing options, including assisted living, residential care, nursing & rehabilitation homes, CCRCs and independent living retirement communities.

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