Jan 19, 2009

Help make the Silver Alert Program Happen in Indiana

Three bills are on the table in the Indiana House and Senate that would help locate missing Alzheimer's patients but the proposal does not come without opposition.
Imagine this: someone you love is lost. To make matters worse it is unlikely they will be able to find their way home without help. They might be gone for days, they might die from exposure or worse.
According to the Alzheimer's Association, over a hundred thousand Hoosiers have Alzheimer's and over 60 percent of them will at some point wander away from their home.
You can do something to help make this legislation a reality.
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If you live in Indiana call the office of your local representative. To identify your state legislator go here. You can find the name and contact information by entering your zip code.

If you live outside Indiana but want to show your support consider contacting State Rep. Dennis T. Avery. Mr. Avery introduced House Bill 1029, legislation that creates a 'silver alert' system to help locate aging seniors who have wandered away from their homes. You can get Representative Avery's contact information here.

I know everyone is busy. But, now you have the opportunity to make a real difference. Imagine for a moment that you played a role in helping this legislation pass. Then imagine your role in saving the life of someone suffering from Alzheimer's that is lost and in danger. Imagine.

Indiana Legislator to Propose Silver Alert