Mar 26, 2009

Nightline, Alzheimer's Disease and Terry Moran

I just finished watching the Terry Moran segment about Alzheimer's on Nightline (ABC). It was very powerful for a short segment. For Alzheimer's caregivers it was gut wrenching.
By Bob DeMarco

The shots of Meryl Comer caring for her husband and mother were very moving. Her dedication to her husband and her mother could not be described by me--not in words. She did make a very simple, straightforward statement about caregiving--you do it. She has dedicated 15 years of her life caring for her husband.

Near the end of the show Terry Moran finds out that he has a 19 percent predisposition to Alzheimer's. The average for a man is nine. The shots of him walking with his wife were very moving. It was clear he was both shocked and disappointed. It was also clear that he intends to take action--to get his life order and to fight.

The results for Meryl Comer were more devastating. She has a 37 percent predisposition. When she saw the results she was clearly shocked. I could never imagine how she felt. I know, watching, I felt a pain in my heart.

If you live Alzheimer's in the Front Row you have a real understanding of the devastation of Alzheimer's. If you have not lived in the Front Row, I can assure you cannot imagine what it is like to suffer from Alzheimer's. The show did an excellent job of showing Meryl's mother and husband. Thank you Meryl for sharing.

Terry Moran and Meryl Comer have been there. They are doing something about it--for this they are to be congratulated and admired.

Now they are coming face to face with their own uncertain fate.

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