Mar 26, 2009

Shriver, Gingrich, and O'Connor Raise Alzheimer's Awareness

Very impressive testimony.
"We have to put Alzheimer's on the front burner, because if we don't, Alzheimer's will not only devour our memories, it will cripple our families, devastate our health care system and decimate the legacy of our generation," Shriver told the Senate's Special Committee on Aging.
"The human pain and financial burden of Alzheimer's is so great and the potential breakthroughs in science are so encouraging that a 'Manhattan Project' ... approach to ending Alzheimer's is more than justified," Gingrich said, referring to the government project to develop a nuclear weapon during World War II. He noted that polio infected more than 50,000 Americans in the 1950s, but the disease largely was eradicated when a vaccine was found.
"We just can't face that kind of personal tragedy and the cost," said retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, a member of the study group who has personal experience with Alzheimer's: Her husband, John, has the disease.

"The disease is devastating not only for those who are afflicted, but also their friends, family and colleagues," O'Connor said.

Shriver, Gingrich push for Alzheimer's ‘Manhattan Project'

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