Apr 3, 2009

136 Drugs That Can Cause Dementia and Cognitive Impairment

I ran across several articles that refer to a report that appears on worstpills.org. The report includes a list of 136 commonly prescribed drugs that are potentially dangerous to seniors' cognitive health--could cause cognitive impairment.

A long list of drugs can cause dementia like symptoms.
The report reminded me of a doctor that wanted to prescribe a depression drug for my mother before she was tested or diagnosed. He concluded after a few minutes that this was the way to cure her new -- mean behavior.

At the time, my gut told me to investigate first. I told him we would consider his recommendation. I went home, jumped on Google, and quickly came to this conclusion--not a good idea. We changed doctors.

How to Get Answers To Your Questions About Alzheimer's and Dementia

Over the years, I learned that doctors are quick to prescribe medications so they can get on to their next ten minute appointment. It took us 4 tries before we found the best personal care physician for my mother.

Worst Pills--136 Drugs that can cause Cognitive Impairment

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