Apr 2, 2009

Jay Smith, Do You Really Want an Alzheimer's Test

Jay Smith sent us this email in response to Mark Smith's response to Alzheimer's testing.
I'm really bothered by Mark Smith's base assumption that there's nothing we can do for someone with an Alzheimer's diagnosis or a genetic predisposition for the disease.

I've been living with Alzheimer's for four years since diagnosis. There's a growing body of both hard and soft science that has shown there is much we can do, and I'm becoming living proof of it.

A recent NIH/UMass study showed that taking the combination of existing meds, ChEI's and Memantine, does slow the progression and provide permanent benefit.

Science has also demonstrated we can build new neural pathways to counteract those being lost to the disease through aerobic exercise, learning, brain exercises, healthy diet and supplements, and stress reduction through meditation, yoga, tai chi, support groups, staying connected to family, plus creative self expression through music, art, dance.

These are all things that people living with AD can do for themselves, and become a survivor. The implications of the Nun Study suggest we "become a nun" or as much like a nun as possible, by being active, both physically and mentally, and keeping a very healthy body and soul.

Jay Smith
Alzheimer's Advocate
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