Apr 8, 2009

Only1Mom -- Activities for Alzheimers Patients are Important

Only1Mom writes:

Activities for Alzheimer's patients are important.

If you find an activity that the person liked in the past giving them this task back is so important because they feel useful again.

Music is a huge help if it just singing or listening to music they like. It is very soothing for them. I have done this with my mom and found it works. If more people respond and tell us what activities work with other patients we can at least try it.

I made a pair of flip flops with my mom, I cut strips of material and tied the material to the rubber part of the thong. Blue and orange material, not only did she hand me the material but she saw the sequence I put them in and counted it and handed me the right color, this was MAJOR!!!

If more people blog hints and help for caregivers it will help the quality of life for the patient. Alzheimer's is not the end of life but a whole new beginning of a new life. If we can all remember this it will help. Does anyone else have a suggestion??
You can reach Only1Mom at....aaz1926 at gmail.com (you know the drill, replace "at" with @ if you want to contact her--spam protection).

I think she has a good idea. Anyone care to share? Please post you experience or suggestions in the comments area.

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