May 23, 2009

Dimebon might alter Alzheimer's Care

Dimebon is an orally-available, small molecule that has been shown to inhibit brain cell death in preclinical models relevant to Alzheimer’s. Dimebon is a potential treatment for Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases. Based on clinical and preclinical data generated to date, Medivation believes that Dimebon works through a novel mechanism of action improving mitochondria function. 
David Hung, the CEO of Medivation, said on Friday that the experimental drug Dimebon has the potential to transform care for Alzheimer's. The company believes that when the drug achieves FDA approval, it will experience blockbuster sales. The size of the market for Alzheimer's drug sales, now dominated by Aricept, is currently estimated at $5 billion annually.
"If we can get a drug out onto the market that is really effective and safe, that will probably increase the incentive of doctors to diagnose Alzheimer's early on and to treat it," Hung said.
Medivation is currently conducting a Phase III clinical trial for Dimebon. The study  referred to as the Connection Study is currently recruiting new participants.

People who can answer “yes” to the following questions may be able to join the Connection Study:
  • Do you have Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Are you not taking any Alzheimer’s prescription medicines?
  • Do you have a caregiver who can come with you to doctor visits at the study site?
  • To check the available locations go here.

If you believe you qualify, you can call this number for additional information --877-888-6386.

One note of caution. One of our readers emailed me and told me the Connection Study has not returned his phone call and it has been a month. 

The Connection Study is ongoing in the United States and Europe.
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