Jun 12, 2009

Alzheimer's Read June 12

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative launches new exhibit honoring Alzheimer's patients
Flint Township quilter Ami Simms can show you exactly what Alzheimer's Disease stole from her mother, Beebe Moss. It's the image of a legless cow printed on a scrap of hand-dyed fabric.

Ten years before her death in 2008 at age 85, Moss was a successful fiber artist who designed her own line of quilting fabric, "Something Wonderful," for Marcus Fabrics of New York, featuring her hand-carved block print designs.

Alzheimer's Disease took all that away, said Simms, who has devoted her life to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, the nonprofit she founded in 2006 that has raised more than $290,000 to date for Alzheimer's research.

Are Alzheimer's Caregivers the Forgotten?
Forty percent of Alzheimer's caregivers end up suffering from depression. Do you want to see this happen to a loved one or friend?

Alzheimer's is a sinister disease--it kills the brain of the person suffering from Alzheimer's. And, it will try to kill the brain of the Alzheimer's caregiver.

UK cost agency not budging on Alzheimer's drugs
Britain's healthcare cost-effectiveness watchdog will continue to limit access to Alzheimer's drugs, in spite of a consultation with drugmakers and patient groups on the way it assessed the treatments.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) conceded there had been a number of "technical inaccuracies" requiring amendments to its economic model, but said they were not sufficient to change its original conclusion.

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