Aug 26, 2009

1,011 Thank You Notes

Today the Alzheimer's Reading Room passed 1,000 subscribers for the first time.

If I could, I would write each and everyone of you a personal Thank You note.

To those of you that have emailed me with your kind words, Thank You.

To those of you who share a part of your life as a Caregiver with me, Thank You.

To those of you that take the time to comment, and teach me so much, Thank You.

Thank You for reading. Bob
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Bob DeMarco is an Alzheimer's caregiver and editor of the Alzheimer's Reading Room. The Alzheimer's Reading Room is the number one website on the Internet for advice and insight into Alzheimer's disease. Bob taught at the University of Georgia, was an executive at Bear Stearns, the CEO of IP Group, and is a mentor. He has written more than 775 articles with more than 18,000 links on the Internet. Bob resides in Delray Beach, FL.