Aug 10, 2009

Alzheimer's is a cruel disease

I must be in some kind of mood today--although I don't know how to spell it correclly its called "agita"--stomach ache.

I'm trolling around the Internet reading stories.

I see this letter written by a reader on the Chicago Daily Herald. It starts with Jim Hinkle describing his recent visit to see his wife who suffers from Alzheimer's disease.
I recently visited my wife to celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary, and I was a little overwhelmed with our situation. I know that right now she has a black eye from a fall to the floor, a knot on her head from a second fall, and a broken arm from a third fall; all these occurring recently because her brain just can't tell her body to slow down and be careful when she walks the halls of the nursing home.--Jim Hinkle, loving husband
If you read the entire letter you will see that Jim is a wonderful man.

However, I wonder what my reaction would be if I visited my mother in a Alzheimer's facility and learned she had a black eye, knot on her head, and a broken arm?

Would I go nuts? Hard to say. It would depend on what side of my brain I decided to use that day. One thing is certain, I would not stand for the status quo.

Then I started asking myself, what would be worse. The situation described above, or my mother all drugged up and looking like a zombie?

Whew. These are not pleasant thoughts. To make matters worse, I know this is happening all over the world as I write these words.

To read Jim's words go here.

Let me make it clear, I am not not knocking Jim Hinkle. I have complete and total empathy for him. Sometimes, there is no good alternative.

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