Aug 3, 2009

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Again I have to tell you how much your experiences with Dotty has helped me. I moved along at the speed of light. Had I not discovered ARR......I would still be in the denial phase. trying to find the "OTHER" reasons My Mom was acting the way she was.  I have taken your advise on ALL fronts. 
I now enjoy my time with my Mom. My attitude is lets do as much as we can.
Prior to finding ARR....I would avoid my was sooooo distressing.
--Thank you. Michele
I couldn't be happier or prouder of my association with Bob DeMarco and the Alzheimer's Reading Room. I am positive that it is the best source of information on the web for Alzheimer's and related dementias, blog or not. You have made the world a better place for many, many people through this Bob.
--Carole B.Larkin, Third Age Services
Thanks for all YOU are doing to support those of us who are currently caring for a loved one or have previously done so. Your site is AMAZING!--Judy Berry, founder of the Dementia Care Foundation and LakeView Ranch
Many, many thanks to you for starting our caregiving day each morning. I want you to know how very much you have helped us, more than all other sources combined, since we began to care for my mother this year. You are much appreciated and treasured for the useful information, your precious attitude and most of all, for making what we do seem normal. My husband got funding for the USF-Byrd Alzheimer's Institute in Tampa in memory of his late father, but only now that my mother has moved in with us do we have a much greater awareness of those who do the heavy lifting in this whole equation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You are helping us so much!
-- Melane Byrd

Thank you for Alzheimer's Reading Room! Your newsletter has been a tremendous source of information and inspiration to me over the past two and a half years as I struggled to deal with my father's increasing dementia.

Keep up the good work.

-- Patrica Loo
I continue to be amazed and humbled by your work.
--Laurence C. Harmon, Great Places
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Your like a great uncle whose inspiration is intoxicating each and every chance meeting.
--Lou Nevola
I am grateful for your consistent, timely and accurate information. Thank you for all that you are doing.
--Lisa Bottke, Clinical Educator, Hospice of Palm Beach County
I found Alzheimer's Reading Room within the past year, while searching for help, advice, tips...ANYTHING that would help my husband and I understand the bewildering world of caring for his mom. I can't express strongly enough my gratitude for finding this awesome "support group" that this place is! Thank You, Bob DeMarco!
-- Cindy Pipich
I started reading your posts a month or so ago. Someone mentioned the Reading Room in an Alzheimer's support group meeting I started to attend a few months ago. My life has changes so profoundly for the better because of your compassion and generosity in sharing your experiences with others. There hasn't been a thing you've written that I haven't whole heartedly connected with and agreed with. I make an effort to model your lead in the care I am trying to provide my mother. Honestly, I don't know where I'd be without you. Thank you a thousand times. I believe that if you haven't already been, you should be recognized in a significant way for your contribution to the dementia community which deserves a robust set of tools to support the needs of everyone touched. No resource I have come across- and I have quite a library- has compared to real-time benefit your first-person stories provide. Checklists, research and recommendations don't cut it. Through your stories I am able to better implement ideas and cope with our family’s situation. I copy and save your posts to share with my father who is the primary caregiver to my mother so far. You are a voice of reason for us both. With warmest regards,
-- Kim

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I'm new to Alzheimer's caregiving, and I can hardly express my gratitude for all that I've learned here at the Alzheimer's Reading Room. It's given me great ideas, and perhaps more important, hope. Early on I was frightened by some of the advice I got from people who meant well...but who I now realize just don't have a good understanding. Now I know it is possible to achieve good quality of life with this diagnosis--and to learn many new things while forging a stronger relationship with my dad.
-- Barb G

Bob, I look so forward to reading the Alzheimer's Reading Room, how much one can learn is amazing. You are a God send of a son for your mom and she a blessing to you. You both have learned so much over the years, love, carring and trust to name a few. Blessings to you both.
-- Mary
I discovered The Alzheimer's Reading Room one year ago and have gained a wealth of information and inspiration. I am the author of \"Embracing the Moment\" and have used many of the articles as hand outs at my speaking engagements. Bob has done an outstanding job at providing a wide range of Alzheimer's research and topics. I am very grateful for this wonderful web site.
-- Barbara Pursley, the author of EMBRACING THE MOMENT
As someone with Alzheimer's who still remains somewhat functional, I find your works informative and right on target.
--Ronald M. Reisner, M.D.
Your wisdom, patience, creativity, insight and compassion are an inspired and unparalleled model for Alzheimer's care partners everywhere. I have been diagnosed with younger onset AD and my care partner finds your posts the BEST. You advice makes sense to me as well. I especially appreciate your respect and understanding for Dottie's "world" Thank you for your posts and your great efforts.

Most of all I find your words comforting in a world where I feel totally alienated. Despite the fact that I have friends with whom I can speak about my tiny shuttered life, it is not the same as speaking to someone who knows about "being the one" and "being abandoned".
I have been my mother's (Vada) sole caregiver since 2003. We both have had an enormous struggle trying to brave through this horrific disease. When things began to get worse, I began searching for help. To come across the Alzheimer's Reading Room was truly God sent. This site is the number one source of life news for the entire Alzheimer's community. The site focuses on Alzheimer's disease and the art of Alzheimer's caregiving. This room has become my lifeline for information and tips on caring, loving, communicating and learning.
-- Cindy Irwin
Thank you for starting this most wonderful and helpful site. It has helped me and my family so much and I can't thank you enough. I have listened to some of the videos and sat in front of my computer and cried, and other times sat and laughed. Thank you again.
--Marilyn Bodaness
I found the Alzheimer's Reading Room about a year and a half ago. I have been a daily reader ever since. This is an invaluable source for the latest information about Alzheimer's. Also there is so much information for caregivers. So many people have already been through what you are going through, and you can pick so many tips on caring for your loved one. I was already eight years into caregiving for my wife when I started coming here. I could have saved myself so much time and frustration, if this site would have been available to me at the start. My wife passed away recently, but I still come here every day and read about what so many of you are still going through. Every now and then I will also give my two cents worth, in the comment section of certain articles. Bob's advice and stories priceless, along with everyone else's who writes or comments. And just wait until you hear from Max, he is such an amazing young man, you will not even believe he is still a teenager. Good luck and God Bless all of you.
-- John
There are many websites that provide information about Alzheimer’s, but I have been most impressed by the Alzheimer’s Reading Room.
No other site provides the varied content, and frequency that the Alzheimer’s Reading Room does.

Bob DeMarco does an excellent job of posting the latest medical information, as well as great techniques and resources when caring for a loved one afflicted with Alzheimer’s.
Bob’s personal experience, caring for his mother with Alzheimer’s, is the core of his work. He understands the questions, concerns, needs, frustrations, and joy of providing care. He is able to help families through education, information, and resources he finds important and helpful.

I highly respect his work and would recommend subscribing to the Alzheimer’s Reading Room. Anyone caring for a loved one or patients with Alzheimer’s and other Dementia’s will greatly benefit from the information provided.
--Angil Tarach, Owner/Director, Visiting Angels/ Ann Arbor
This is an amazing blog and has given me so much good advice on coping with my father's illness. Thank you, Bob
--Sue Skiles

Bob, Thanks so much for this web site! I've been trying to find info for years on AD and what others experience with their loved ones. This site has helped me so much. I receive comfort in knowing I'm not alone in this Alzheimer's world.
Bob, I often wonder if you realize what a profound impact you and Dotty have had and continue to have on so many caregivers and ultimately those they care for. We read your articles and see a completely different perspective that perhaps we hadn't considered. Thank you, thank you.
These poems are so beautiful, poignant and powerful! Every day, I check with anticipation my e-mail box for your articles and this one is very close to my heart and belief about the exceptional power of the human touch. Thanks you so much for sharing.
--Lynda Laurin
I was feeling realy down my beautiful husband has just been diagnosed with lewy bodys dementia he is only 63 and me and my family are absolutley devestated.I was searching the lewy body site and I saw your picture to say the least I was curious to see where it would lead me and it lead me to you Bob. As I live in England I have looked at many sites none come close to yours. I feel like I have found a family and not alone as this horrendous illness raveges my husbands body and mind. All our love to you lovely people in America that are going through the same as we are.
--Carolina deRossi
If information and awareness are included in your goal list, you have fantastically succeeded with The Alzheimer's Reading Room. It is very impressive! On behalf of many readers, I would like to extend huge appreciation. Thank you so much for the time and effort you to exert sharing this information.
--Christy Griner Hulsey, Moon Dreams and Day Beams
More than just information. Better than a support group. Leaps tall problems in a single BLOG! Oh,whoops... sorry about that. Just to know that other caregivers are going through the same challenges...and finding a wealth of information in one place has given us SO much comfort, direction, and peace of mind! Thank you Bob and ARR!!
-- Cindy Pipich
Your webpage, your blog, the information you accumulate and disseminate -- all of it has been a lifeline for me for the past several years. You will not hear this enough, but please know that your efforts are appreciated every day. Thank you for being there for so many of us.
The Alzheimer's Reading Room is one of the best sites on the internet for information about Alzheimer's Disease and caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's. The articles are always up-to-date, thoughtful, sensitive and helpful. It is indeed a community of knowledge and caring.
-- Marie Marley
Your lines: "Knowing that your loved one is going to forget simple things like how to brush their teeth, how to take a shower, and even how to eat is not a pleasant thought. The actual experience and feeling of helplessness cannot be described"
--were wonderful; I cried when I read them. Sometimes crying is good. It's sad, but it makes me feel something kindred to read what I'm feeling.
I enjoy and read your posts daily. Thank you!
--Kerry Runyeon, Living the Moment with Lily Bird
Bob DeMarco is a person who is not only a caregiver for his mother, but also helps many others online. In my many years of being both an Alzheimer’s caregiver and working with other Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers, I have never seen anyone give so much to the cause. The information on dementia/Alzheimer’s he posts on The Alzheimer’s Reading Room is up-to-date, informative, understandable and, at times, intriguing. He has answered questions professionals could not or wouldn't even listen to and given hope to many. As I, he is one who wants this disease of Alzheimer’s stopped—cured—not just put on hold. Thank you Bob for all the work and time you put into helping others, as you dedicate yourself to your mother.
--Rose Lamatt, author, "Just a Word" friends encounter Alzheimer's.
We follow Bob and AlzheimersRead on Facebook and Twitter, because both father and father-in-law live with Alzheimer diagnosis. Love the relevant info and real life comfort.
--Judy Best, Best Cruise Planners
Thank you for your website. I devour all the articles you write. I only wish I had found your site sooner. You are such an inspiration!
Your poignant words bring tears to my eyes. I am caring for my 90-year old mother and often feel lonely and abandoned. Your blog reminds me that there are countless others like yourself who are riding the same emotional rollercoaster. You have to be a caregiver to fully understand and appreciate your comments. I am running with you.
--Arnie the K
Thank you so very much for providing us with this wonderful website.
--Deborah Ann Tornillo, author, 36 Days Apart
Fantastic site Bob. For all of us out there fighting for families with Alzheimer's, your site provide great insight into the challenges we all face. Please keep up the great work.
Alzheimer's Reading Room is one of my favorite blogs on the subject. I have continually learned something new since I started following Bob on Twitter (@ALZHEIMERSread) which led me to the blog. Bob always sends out very informative tweets with links to articles around the web. I know I am always learning (or finding!) something new & interesting if I follow them. The blog is also a great resource to follow, especially if you are caring for and love someone with Alzheimer's disease.
--Senior Living Experts, Inc
He is gone now, but I don't regret anything. We promised him he could die at home and he did.
First off I want to thank you for being the Caregiver that you are to your Mom. Being a Mom myself, I'm so proud of you for that! I also want to thank you for creating the Reading Room. My daughter and I have gleaned great input thru the Alzheimer's Reading Room.
Thanks for what you write -- I appreciate reading your insights.
--Kris Bakowski, Creating Memories
The Alzheimer's Reading Room is my life line as a caregiver. Bob's experience in helping his Mother Dotty shines a beacon of light into a misunderstood \"Alzheimer's world\", and also keeps me up to date on the latest research. I now have a guide plus a virtual support system of caregivers. We are an extended family collectively learning from one another enhancing our loved ones last life chapter. Bob thank you for all that you do for us, and your darling Dotty. Your blog provides hope, humor, insight, and connection in my life that I depend on daily to get me through the darkness of assisting my Mother who is at mid stage.
-- Diane Bell
Bob - I am one caregiver you have helped through your blog and I thank you...I don't feel alone when I come here and read.
--Gloria Galvan
I have found a special kind of connection on Alzheimer's Reading Room. I find the stories about Dotty and Bobby to be life-affirming and very real. I am wowed that Bob would do this work and put it out there for all of us people suffering the cruel slings and arrows of this disease. I think that he deserves great credit and perhaps a substantial grant from a foundation...and Dotty deserves tasty spinach!

Thank you for sharing your journey here. It has helped my journey with my Early Onset husband.
-- Marianne
I want to give you my compliments for all the work you do at the Alzheimers Readingroom.
With interest I read most of your articles, and I must say I admire the "work" you do for your mother.
Keep up doing the good work!
--Ariane V. van Egeraat, KEMP and VAN EGERAAT
You help me feel like I am not all alone in my world caring for my Dad. God bless you!
The information is INVALUABLE... I don't feel like I'm all alone in dealing with my mother. ...thanks for your energy.
--Liz S
It is hard for me to put into words what this site has given me as a caregiver. I am an analytical person and the information alone has given me much help, but the surprising thing has been the emotional support that has come from sharing experiences and knowing that people are with you when they share about their own situations . This connection has been the link for me to adapt and heal from the devastating blow that AD can delivered to our family. It gives me the strength and perspective needed to live each day. This is a gift from the greatest giver of all Jesus Christ. Thank you Bob for delivering it to us.
-- Cyndie
Thank you so much for your informative articles and insights.
--Brenda, Dementia Weekly
I have been following the site with much interest over the past weeks and I'm subscribed to your emailing list. It helps my patients and I when I can see their disease through their eyes.
--Dr. Sean Marquez
Bob thanks for hosting this site and providing so much helpful information.
--Ninah Kessler, Brain Optimization
I am a Certified Alzheimer's Trainer. The information you gather is invaluable! One of the biggest challenges I face is convincing families to face the ugly reality of dementia.
A year ago, my sister was diagnosed with early onset dementia and your newsletter brings invaluable important information, and some sort of comfort to me knowing that we're not alone. Thanks for everything Bob!
--Lynda Laurin
Thanks so much for all of your information...Still working with my family with the information with which you provided on how to approach our father.
Thanks for the helpful information you provide. My wife has Alzheimer's and lives in a nearby RCFE.
--Dan Crossland
..By the way Bob You have been an inspiration to me through my journey. My God bless you in all that you do :)
--Oak Runner
very much appreciate all your help, as well as all the comments from other readers of your site... I dread what is coming in the future.
I find the information on the Alzheimer's Reading Room informative and inspirational.
--Amberly, Starlite Caregivers
This is one of the saddest journies a married couple can take.
--Nancy Bigelow
I have told many people about your website--it has been very helpful to me. Thank you!
Thanks for the updates on research so they can be passed on to my caregivers in training.
--Jan Nelson, Center for Courageous Aging
Thanks for the wonderful information you provide in your newsletter.
--Alison Hedlund
Thank you for all the very useful support you provide.
--Peter Fort
Thank you so much for all you do to help us deal with this crummy disease, Bob. I've been caring for my father for almost 11 years now.
I am looking after my 77-year-old step-father with dementia/alzheimers who moved here to us near Berlin, Germany...Your page is good. Thanks for your energy.
--Jana Marie
Thanks for your website and all the current and new info you pass along to us.
--Pat Fury
Thank you for all you do! I always look forward to reading your articles.
--Linda Armas
Thanks for all the helpful info you post....!. I quit working 3 yrs ago and sold my home to move in with my mother (Alz, 87) and brother (Downs, 46) to become a 24/7 caregiver.
--Caring Daughter
Thanks once again for your amazing story, Bob - looking forward to more posts!
I have found your site to be an excellent resource for families looking for information. I appreciate all you do!
--Nancy Iannone, CarePath Senior Solutions
Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the daily readings from your website. They are both informative and helpful. Thanks for the inspiration.
--Ginny Faw
I truly enjoy your posts!!!
--Beth T. Compton
I send all my heart and prayers to you! God Bless!
--Touchoflove Homecare
I very much enjoy your pieces, have learned and benefitted from what you share, and appreciate the service and support you are providing for those of us whose family members are living with Alzheimer's disease.
--Ann Norman, PhD, MSW, MPH
I came across your website several months ago. Your insights and advice have been priceless. I would never have received the kind of information you provide from a doctor or a specialist.
--Christina Wallace
Thank you for providing this wonderful blog. Your insight and words of wisdom and advice have been a great source of validation and comfort.
The ARR is a place I can go to help ease my isolation and anxiety and get hope. It has been a constant in my life for nearly two years. The site serves as a reminder that I am not alone. It is reassuring to know that there are countless other people out there like me and who understand me. I especially grateful for the posts that make me laugh. I refer everyone I know who is dealing with disease to this site in the hope that it will help them as much as it has helped me.
Thanks for your ongoing efforts to assist the Alzheimer community. It is a lifeline to me in caring for my Mother who is at mid stage Alzheimers. I've been passing it on to everyone I know, plus my facebook page.
--Diane Bell
I've been at this job of caregiver for my mother for less than 3 months now, and I truly believe I would have gone nuts myself if it were not for you! Todays blurb was just what I needed to hear.
--Heather Hamilton
Thanks a million times over for what is happening here in the Reading Room. Thank you for your devotion and for your positive attitude. It is spreading! And thanks for sharing Dotty with us.... Be blessed.
Bob, as always, you are practical, optimistic and realistic. Thanks for being a shining light for us all. Being part of this community gets me through each day with our mother. Knowing I am not alone has made all the difference in dealing with this long process.
Thanks for ARR. It is such a blessing for those of us who need all the help we can get concerning dealing with this awful disease. Take care of yourself. We need you. Our prayers for you and Dotty.
What a wonderful service you are providing for all of those affected by Alzheimer's. Thank you for your dedication. Your mother is a lucky woman to have you as her son!
Thanks for sharing all you do with us. I think you are amazing. I learn so many new things from looking here everyday!
--Krystal Morgan
My wife has early-stage Alzheimer's, and is driving me to insanity.
Your paper on "Their World" is the most helpful advice I have ever received
on the topic of 'living with it' - and I am reading a lot ! You have put a carer's
concerns and worries into focus for me.

Just wanted to say a big THANKYOU.

Please keep up the good work.
--David Chapman
I have recommended ARR to many people. While it is too late to help my mom it is helping me keep up on the latest research and trials for this disease which has affected too many in my family including my grandmother, mom and 3 of her siblings. My sisters and brothers are now in our mid 40's to late 50's and the knowledge that this may be our future has had a profound effect on all of us. While some may hide their head in the sand I prefer to arm myself with knowledge which I find her in abundance. I can never thank Bob enough for what he has done for me and untold others! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
When I first found out that I would be a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer's, I decided I needed to learn everything I could to help manage Alzheimer's for my Father-in-law, and for my family who were to care for him. I spent weeks looking on the internet 6-8 hours a day for 3 to 4 weeks. I rarely found the answers I needed, and was left with more questions than when I started, up until I found the Alzheimer's Reading Room. That was the moment my searching, researching, worrying, and stressing for the knowledge I needed ended. I found all the answers I needed, I found a place of refuge with Bob DeMarco and the Alzheimer's Reading Room. I have my own blog about my life as a caregiver at I only wish to add to what Bob has to say with my own experiences.
The Alzheimer's Reading Room has been such an asset to both me, as a caregiver of 10 yrs and my mom who is 95 and battles this disease every day. The tips and honest sharing contained in the articles have provided me with information that have made both of our lives more enjoyable and less isolated. From medical care to emotional health - the AR covers it all!! Thank you.
--Denise Rossi,
I have found The Alzheimer's Reading Room website to be very helpful, not only in educating me about AD but it gives me a chance to read comments from other caregivers. This helps me to realize that I'm not the only one experiencing the good the bad and the ugly parts of AD caregiving. I also get another AD website but find this one more "user friendly". Please keep up the wonderful work, Bob.
-- Mickey
The Alzheimer's Reading Room has been invaluable to me as the caregiver of my mom, Sarah. It has helped me make informed decisions about her care. It also has given me tips and tricks to the many frustrating issues of caring for my mom But the best thing has been the effect on me as a caregiver realizing I am not alone.
-- Tina Mauerman
The Alzheimer's Reading Room is the best, most informative site that I have ever come across. It has been a tremendous help to me and I recommend it to everone I can. I also enjoy the input from Max and Carole Larkin, The information is invaluble. Many thanks.
-- Jocelyn
Going to the Alzheimer's Reading Room helps me to feel part of a community that not only understands this disease and it's impact but also offers vital information and help. Bob and Dotty are becoming part of an extended family. They are both entertaining and informative.
-- Veades
I enjoy your articles. Many are informative and some are entertaining and we, as caregivers, need a bit of entertainment. Bob and Dotty are a blessing to all of us. Keep up the good work. I pass on many articles and notice that our Son is now a subscriber. Thanks
-- Dart
Thanks for all you have done for all of us. I first learned about the reading room from a friend whose spouse has fairly early a/d. My wife is in a dementia care facility which is very clean and nice with caring helpers. It is near enough for me to get there every day. I saw something about music not long ago. I have found that she enjoys the songs of the 40's and 50's especially Perry Como which we used to sing along with.
-- Wes Haggans
Gosh, just yet again, I see what I can do each day to deal with Mom in "the Alzheimer's World ... I do try to use your tips, each and every day, and I see it making our lives more productive!
Thank you!
-- Colleen
Bob and Dotty, Simply put, we'd be nowhere without you. You are a true blessing, bringing knowledge, humor, perspective and spirituality into our daily Alzheimer's life. You have helped more than you will ever know. May God bless you always.
-- Robert and Karen
The articles you write have made it possible to make it through 4 years of being the caregiver of my husband. You have been a blessing to me. Thanks very much for sharing your life with Dotty. God bless both of you.
--Ora McMillan
The Alzheimer’s Reading Room is a wonderful blessing. Bob has a great sense of humor and he is an incredible caregiver to his mom. I look forward to all his emails and have learned so much. I used to attend support groups, but the reading room is the best support group ever. And when a day is going badly, I know where to go for help. Thank you Bob for everything you do.
-- Jane
I did not want to believe my mother's Alzheimers diagnosis. After joining the Alzheimer's Reading Room and reading ALL of the articles these past couple of months I am convinced that Alzheimers is the right diagnosis. While we are still in the mild cognitive stage she shares many of the symptoms and actions of other patients. I have totally changed my way of treating her and speaking to her thanks to your web site.
-- Donna Mehlschau
There are so few resources with such practical knowledge that are always available to me like The Alzheimer's Reading Room. It is an invaluable tool to me so that I can "keep on keepin'on" in understanding and helping my Mom. Thank you and Doty for sharing your journey with the world.
-- Susan
I want you to know I don't know how I would have gotten through the last year and half without your help, support, and advice. I have read every book and article that has come recommended, but nothing in my eyes compares to reading the Reading Room. I forward pertinent articles to my children asking them to read the article and then i ask for coments. It is a wonderful tool for me. Thank you for everything. I am happy that Dotty is showing improvement and want to again thank you for sharing your mother with me and my family.
-- Colleen
Up front, I do NOT have a diagnosis of AZ. But I am curious about what to do If I should, The husband of a longtime friend has just been diagnosed with the disease. She is now reading the blog since I told her about it some months ago.
I find much information on the site. Insights about dementia, communicating, physical management, getting support. All of the information can have transferable applications. I value it for that reason; also because it gives me insight on this terrible disease which is afflicting such a large and growing group of our population. ( I have just had my 79th birthday.)
Since I had developed a gait and balance disorder, I was wondering if I had AD. My physician ordered both a brain scan and MRI.
My problem was a now- presenting fom of my formerly non-presenting Hydrocephalus. I made a decision to have a shunt. It has made a significant difference in my life.
-- Linda
I'm very grateful to have found the \"Reading Room.\" This is such a difficult disease for family, caregivers and loved ones...I scan my daily emails for insight in medical news, guidance, comfort and hope. We need a forum and we need each other to fight this horrible disease. I want my Mother back before it's too late.
-- Lynne Schweitzer
I think the reading room provides confidence that I am aware of the latest research that is trying to conquer this horrible disease.
-- Carl Cresler
My husband has recently been diagnosed with probably early Alzheimer's. I have found this site to be very helpful in multiple ways. We live in a remote rural area and will be relying on this site and my neighbors for support and knowledge.
-- Billy
Bob, thank you for all that you do and for this website, it has been a Godsend to our family.
-- Jane
I have been telling everyone who will listen about the Alzheimer's Reading Room since I first discovered it in 2009. My husband has an early stage diagnosis and we are active volunteers with the Alzheimer's Association. I also work part-time helping families find residential care facilities for their loved ones, most of whom have Alzheimer's or dementia. My clients are very grateful to have a resource like Bob DeMarco's blog. I wish it had been available when we were caring for my father and my mother-in-law; both had Alzheimer's in the 1990's. It is truly a blessing for caregivers, whether near or far.
-- Pat
This site is very, very helpful and I hope it continues. Many good tips on how to be a good caregiver. Thanks
-- Lorraine Glickstein
I found the Alzheimer's Reading Room one day by accident several months ago, and have been hooked ever since. I have found it informative, inspirational, reassuring and even entertaining at times. Most importantly, it reminds me that while I might be alone in my personal caregiving adventure, I am not alone in the greater Alzheimer's experience. Thank you.
-- Cheryl
Only discovered this site one week ago but it is already part of my caregiver day, just knowing you're not as crazy as you thought. and the reminders to take care of yourself, that s huge. I have a caregiver assistant who reads this also. Thank you
-- Teresa Sullivan
I became familiar with this site thru Esther Helfgott's blog which so beautifully detailed her journey into and thru the world of Alzheimer's with her husband Abe. My husband Abe was admitted into a Seven Acres Senior Services in Houston, Tex. in August. He is in a secure unit, gets wonderful care from experienced and loving caregivers and (most days) seems to be settling in. It's the best place for him. I know all this and yet it's not enough. I look on the Alzheimer's Reading Room site every single day. From the site I receive reassurance that I am certainly not alone in this journey, there will be plenty of roller coaster trips up and down, and there is always someone who is not as fortunate as I am. The reading lists and questions are helpful every day and I am continually sending good articles to family and friends. I thank you, Bob for starting it all.
-- Elaine Kellner
The Alzheimer's Reading Room is my "go to" for information, inspiration and a bit of commiseration. It is a trusted site that I return to daily.
-- Lisa Griffin
I subscribed to this blog web-page just a few months ago and I am impressed by the volume and range of the posts which appear in my in-box on a daily basis. This service gives an interesting US-slant to balance my otherwise British and European-centric information sources. Well worth a look.
-- John Hudson
I would strongly encourage anyone whose life has been affected by Alzheimers to subscribe the Alzheimers Reading Room. It is a comforting resource for the caregiver, the children and even the grandchildren of a loved one living with Alzheimers. It is informative, insightful and at times even humorous...Dottie is darling, and I love to see their posts. We need to stay in touch with others who understand, so that we never feel alone in what can be a very lonely situation! Thank you!
-- Kim Becker
This site is so informative and helpful to me as a caregiver. It's full of valuable information and tips. I have recommended it to so many people and groups. I also have recommended this site to professional caregiving companies. It should be mandatory reading for anyone who is doing this as a profession. Many thanks for all your hard work and all the research you do for us.
-- Carol G
I belong to an Alzheimers support group because my wife is thus afflicted. I have recommended to the other members of the group that they too should subscribe to the Reading Room and on occasion I print out excerpts from the R/R emails and pass them out. To me, it's just great. Thank you, Bob
-- Gil Preston
My husband was diagnosed, with early onset Alzheimer's, about 18 months ago. Since then I am constantly searching for information. The Alzheimer's Reading Room is like one stop shopping. I can find info on research, drug trials, caregiving, etc. Although I have attended several support groups locally, I feel the positive attitude of the Alzheimer's Reading Room has been my most valuable resource. Thank You, Bob, for making our lives a little easier!
-- Karen
I am daily appreciative of your generosity and wisdom. I am a veteran of five years of care giving with my mother; I am in the starting phase with my wife. Strangely: there are ways in general and within the disease pattern, that using your stuff we get along better. I read your messages daily.

I am a member of the Center for Studies of the Person, a center started by Carl Rogers--who was a master listener.

I use his stuff in leadership training where we seek to convert thousands of painful and unsuccessful transactions into a few effective and efficient transactions: your palm up, hand out is a good example.

You are saving the world perhaps millions of painful transactions with your wisdom.

In the growing world of Alzheimer's you are in the Master Class.
-- Jere Moorman
The ARR has been a wonderful resource to me as a caregiver. When my husband was diagnosed about 2 years ago, I experienced fear, loss, anxiety, and concern about whether I would be up to the job as caretaker. ARR has provided practical information and an excellent perspective on living with the condition. Thank you Bob and Dotty!
-- Elise
The Alzheimer's Reading Room is an incredible tool for learning all about the various nuances of Alzheimer's disease. Bob Demarco gives "hands on" things to do that have worked with his mother; and up to the minute information about new discoveries in the Alzheimer community. I read it every day to learn something new that may help me with addressing issues with a family member. Thank you so very much, Bob.
-- Vanessa Day
I am new to the ARR but as a dementia caregiver and nurse assessor, they call me "the memory nurse" I am passionate about learning and passing it on. I send you a big HOORAY for the information and support here, plus how you talk openly and realistically about caregiving. Congrats. I am hooked.
-- Memorynurse-RonIne
I cannot tell you how helpful and comforting it is to read the wealth of information at the Alzheimer's Reading Room. What would we have done without the Internet? Thanks for being there.
-- Susan Lyons
"Sharing is a good thing and it helps"! Thanks Bob!

For the last eleven years, there was nothing available for me like the Alzheimer's Reading Room ... BUT I did finally find it!

We all are dealing with problems that we never had a clue as to how to approach this mind blowing problem ... heck, we all probably thought it was our problem and not "theirs" ... at least that is what I dumbly thought. BUT, thanks to the Alzheimer's Reading Room, an getting the chance to read what all you too are going through, gives me courage and fortitude to get through each and every day. I pray you all are gathering strength from coming by to get some support to! It really does make a difference, even it the others in our lives don't really understand or have a clue.

Much love to all other caregivers,
I just started the journey that so many of you have taken. You all inspire and comfort me. And yes, such a big thank you to Bob for this site, which is one of my main supports.
-- Billy
I have been a caregiver 2 3 family members now who were diagnosed with dementia (all different types), I work for a dementia care facility called Arden Courts and I have been a volunteer for the Alzheimer's Association for several years and run 4 caregiver support groups in th Lehigh Valley and one Early Stage Dual Support group which is for the memory impaired and their spouse, friend or child- who ever will be holding their hand as the disease progresses. I also teach workshops for caregivers and healthcare professionals. I am on the Pennsylvania state Alzheimer's Association Advocacy committee. I am so impressed with your website. Now I will never be at a loss for new, fresh material! Thank you for all that you do!!
--Karen Francise
Even though my Mom passed away in February I still come back to check on Dotty and Bob. This is an awesome site, Thank You Bob! AND you are wonderful with your Mom. What a inspiration you are.
-- Becky Ford

I'm so glad I found this website. Your daily articles have been such a blessing to me. I'm caregiver for my husband who was diagnosed in 2004. He has been doing great until the past couple months. It seems it was the medicine. I have a problem that maybe someone else has experienced. My husband gets very upset if I talk on the phone. How do I handle this.
Keep up the great work and enjoy stories about Dottie.
Our job as caregivers may seem overwhelming at times, but the seeds you have planted for us with ARR has given us the ability to go on with more love and a more positive attitude, when sometimes the days do not go as well as we had hoped. Love to Miss Dotty too!
I have had tremendous help from your site, some of it works for me and some of it doesn't but that is normal as we are all different.
I don't know what I would have done without you, Max, Carol Larkin and Sheryl and that is naming just a few, your advice and support is invaluable. Many Thanks Bob and love to Dotty.
Thank you Bob, without you I would not be where I am today in my caregiver role. I have learned so much, I cannot begin to tell you. It's been a long road, made easier by all the help you send out to everyone.
Bob, Sometimes we start with only a seed, one thought, and then it blooms and blooms into this magnificent flower. You have made the Alzheimer's Reading Room evolve and evolve into this wonderful resource of information by sharing all the knowledge you gain from your personal experience and research and the interaction with other caregivers. I am very grateful that I discovered you last year and I continue to learn from your sharing. Thanks for being the dedicated HERO you are.
Your simple goal is working Bob. You are a blessing to soooo many and the advice and information you put out there for all of us is unblieveable. You are not only a Alzheimer's caregiver, you are an ANGEL. Not only is Dotty a very lucky woman, but we are all equally as lucky to have you there for us. THANK YOU DOD FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO.
You have been an inspiration for me. Not only for the great information and support I´ve received here as a caregiver but also in showing us the way to help others.
My name is Susan Yezzi. I’m from Locust Valley, NY. My wonderful husband of 30 years, Domenick, has had post stroke vascular dementia for 2 years and has become quite debilitated over the last 6 months. Your wonderful website and insight is heartwarming and helpful.
I am just starting to accept my Mom and her world. Your articles are clear, thoughtful, informative, and humorous. Impatience is not pleasant for either of us. Gentle... "step to the left".
--Thanks, Jamie

While some days are challenging, I believe, overall, we’re blessed to be able to help and learn from our loved ones.

20 years ago this year I was caregiver for my husband, Elwyn, as he slowly died of lung cancer. Elwyn asked that Hospice set up the hospital bed in the living room...he wanted to "be right in the middle of everything." I slept there on the couch next to him for the last three months of his life. Your description of Dottie's decline reminds me so much of the last few days with Elwyn.

Two years after he passed away, I discovered my life wasn't over. I met Jim, fell in love (at age 63!), and we married. We have had a wonderful, active life together! Traveling, socializing with friends, visiting children, golf, church activities, volunteering, and so on.

Ten years ago, Jim was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. For a long time, this dread disease didn't slow us down, but the past couple of years have become increasingly difficult. We're still managing pretty well, in spite of every day bringing new problems. Love keeps us going.

Something else that has kept me going is you, Bob. I discovered you, Dottie, and your blog last summer. You have helped me more than anything else to realize that Life is STILL Good! I have learned how to communicate with Jim. I have learned that the Alzheimer's World isn't so difficult to enter, and that I feel much better entering it...and so does Jim. I'd say he is a very happy man, and I'm a happy women caring for him.

Thank you again and again for your courage, insight, wisdom, and life-changing advice for those of us out here caring for the Deeply Forgetful. And thank you, Dottie, for having such a caring, courageous son.
--Betty from Indiana

My name is Suzy. How would I be able to send an email to Bob deMarco? I'm thinking that this may go right to you Bob.

I just want to thank him for the wonderful insight. I'm dating someone who is a caregiver to his mother with Alzheimer's. I have found this website amazing and it has been helpful for me and has allowed me to have more understanding around Alzheimer's, and the connection between my boyfriend and his mom. Our relationship has been a journey. He started care giving just prior to us meeting. I'm very understanding and find that we don't see each other a lot but I'm ok with that and when we do I help him with his mom. His commitment to his mom is his priority and I have so much love and respect for him and his mom.

Thinking of you Bob and your dear mother Dotty.
--Suzy Wright

Bob, your articles are a godsend. I'm so happy you haven't stopped now that your not caregiving. I haven't gotten to the point of joy yet, but I come a long way from crying every day and secretly wishing what is now the unspeakable. In some ways, we're even closer than we were before. We each had our own thing. Now his condition forces us to be chained at the hip, so we talk a lot more...even though most of it is dementia-speak nonsense.