Aug 2, 2009

Most Popular Articles on the Alzheimer's Reading Room During July

Test Your Memory (TYM) for Alzheimer's or Dementia in Five Minutes
A new cognitive test for detecting Alzheimer's disease is quicker and more accurate than many current tests, and could help diagnose early Alzheimer's, dementia, or mild cognitive impairment.
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The Mini-Cog Test for Alzheimer's and Dementia
The Mini-Cog is a simple five minute test that is useful in detecting mild cognitive impairment, dementia, or an early stage of Alzheimer's. The research study, included below, showed that the test has a high degree of accuracy (83 percent).
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A Simple Three Minute Test Can Detect the Earliest Stage of Alzheimer's Disease
The study shows that the combination of a very brief three-minute cognitive screening test, called the Mini-Cog (MC), with a Functional Activities Questionnaire (FAQ) -- administered to a family member or friend -- could accurately identify individuals with MCI and undiagnosed dementia.

Prior to the development of this test, the diagnosis of MCI required a 40-60 minute test. The new three minute test showed a 74 percent accuracy rate for diagnosing people with mild cognitive impairment.
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Descent Into Alzheimer's a Series of Self Portraits
William Utermohlen died in 2007 of Alzheimer's Disease. His artwork represents the most complete and coherent view of a patient's experience with dementia.
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Bob DeMarco is an Alzheimer's caregiver and editor of the Alzheimer's Reading Room. Bob resides in Delray Beach, FL.