Sep 9, 2009

The Elley Lorey Trial -- Quotes of the Day -- Dr. Peter Rabins

By now you all know, I am following the Elly Lorey trial. Was Alzheimer's sufferer Elly Lorey murdered?

It looks like both the prosecution and the defense are ready to roll out the big guns in this trial. This leaves me wondering why this court case is not getting more national attention?

For the prosecution we have Dr. Peter Rabins.

When it comes to Alzheimer's disease they don't get any bigger than Dr. Rabins--Johns Hopkins University, Alzheimer's specialist, co-director of the school's division of geriatric, and neuropsychiatry

The word feces is big in this trial. The facts in evidence show that not only was Elly Lorey covered in feces, the walls in her room were covered with feces, and she was eating feces. The smell was so bad Kirsten (the daughter) and Toby Fenn covered the air conditioning vents with pizza boxes to mask the odor.

Quotes from Dr. Peter Rabins--
The doctor testified that scheduling regular trips to the bathroom and giving a laxative each night may have well solved the problem of Lorey defecating just anywhere. He summed it up this way--"She could well have responded to those two simple measures," Rabins said.

The Fenns told police they kept Elly Lorey locked in her room for her own safety, and that they never sought medical advice.
Dr. Rabins? "I don't think I've heard of a case where a family had not brought them to somebody to get help," ... "Of the thousands of people that I've cared for, I know I've never come across a case...of this severe abuse or neglect."
Coming up for the defense-- Dr. Michael Baden of HBO's Autopsy show, and a medical examiner.

My mother says, Oh Boy, about 50 times a day. OH BOY.

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