Sep 11, 2009

HBO Star Michael Baden: No evidence of Neglect in Lory-Fenn Alzheimer's Murder Trial

Dr. Michael Baden, a pathologist, expert witness, and host of HBO's series 'Autopsy' testified he found no evidence of physical abuse or neglect during his testimony at the Elly Lorey murder trial in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Kirsten and Toby Fenn are accused of murdering Elly Lorey, an 89 year old woman who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. Kirsten Feen is Elly Lorey's daughter.

Earlier in the trial, Dr. Michael Bell, Palm Beach County's medical examiner, testified that Elly Lorey died of starvation and dehydration and that her death was a homicide.

Dr. Baden testified that:
  • there's no evidence of physical abuse,
  • that styrofoam found in her intestines is not evidence of neglect,
  • and that, there is no evidence from a medical examiner point of view that anything would indicate somebody caused her death.
Elly Lorey spent her last days in a state of extreme mental decay, living in a locked, unventilated room where she smeared excrement on the walls and existed on a diet of honey buns and Ramen noodles, according to police reports. When she died, Lorey had withered to 80 pounds. Despite the signs of advanced Alzheimer's disease, she had received no medical care.
Earlier in the trial Sargent John Nolan, the officer on the scene testified that,
"As we entered the bedroom, my senses were shocked... the smell of urine and carpet on the floor. It appeared to once have been wallpapered but most of it, nearly all had been removed. There were gouge marks in the drywall, brown smudges everywhere."
And described Elly Lorey's bedroom in this way,
bare concrete floors, no toilet seat, feces everywhere, and feces-streaked gouge marks into the drywall all around the locked door. There were no sheets on the bed, just a towel.
Noted authority on Alzheimer's, Dr. Peter Rabins testified that,
"I don't think I've heard of a case where a family had not brought them to somebody to get help."
And, "Of the thousands of people that I've cared for, I know I've never come across a case...of this severe abuse or neglect."
The murder trail continues.....

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