Sep 8, 2009

Las Vegas Man with Alzheimer's Lost in Denver Now Lost in Detroit or Somewhere (Lost for a Third Time)

A Las Vegas man suffering from Alzheimer's is lost again for a third time.

I know this is going to be hard to believe but Judge Lombard is lost again. On Sunday, I wrote this incredible story--A Las Vegas Man with Alzheimer's Found Wandering Around Denver (Twice).

Judge Lombard started his trip in Las Vegas. His final destination was Detroit. When the bus he was on stopped in Denver, he got off and started wandering around.

The first time he got lost and then found, a social worker put him in a cab and sent him back to the bus station.

What do you think happened? He started wandering around Denver again.

Lost for a second time, he was finally found after eleven days of wandering around the streets of Denver. When they found Judge Lombard, he was dehydrated and starving.

After feeding him and getting him the appropriate medical attention, the Denver police put him on a plane to Detroit.

The police took the precaution of  describing his condition to a flight attendant. They also contacted his wife to let her know all the pertinent details of his flight.

No one saw Judge Lombard get off the plane.
"Police officers from Denver told my grandma to be there at 9:05 to receive him and we were there when the plane arrived. At the gate 4, at Metropolitan airport, we were there and he wasn't," said Lombard's nephew Anthony Coleman.
The last time Judge Lombard was seen he was in Denver.

Where did he go? Where is he? Is he in Denver? Is he in Detroit? Or, did he get on a plane to some other destination (not impossible, I once did it)?

This is part two of this continuing story.
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