Sep 4, 2009

New Zealand Here I Come

Me? Not yet. But, The Alzheimer's Reading Room made it into the Alzheimer's News--New Zealand. The Alzheimer's News is a quarterly publication of Alzheimer's New Zealand (ANZ).

Alzheimer's New Zealand is a charitable organisation with 23 Alzheimers member organisations located throughout the country. ANZ has a very good newsletter that is full of helpful insights and advice. The News published an edited version of one my tips on Alzheimer's communication.

This reminded that I received 14 emails about my Forehead technique. Some of the readers were a bit frustrated that it didn't work effectively immediately. I now realize I should have done a better job describing the technique, and offered a more complete description--expect that soon. It didn't work for me right away either.

I will write soon about how I used the technique in concert with some other kinds of reinforcement to believe it or not--Whip Incontinence. This is a relatively new development, and I wanted to be sure it had some staying power before I put it up here.

After years of fighting incontinence, we finally won. No more need for 14 pair of pajamams and 24 pair of undies. Our electricity bill dropped by about 10-15 percent. I am not kidding.

If you would like to download a copy of the Alzheimer's News--New Zealand click here.

If you would like to visit the Alzheimer's New Zealand website click here.

I would recommend that you vist the Alzheimer's New Zealand site on FaceBook. The put up some interesting news, and it has a nice international flavor. Click here to get there.

A special thanks to Cass Alexander.

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