Sep 27, 2009

Why Isn't @ALZHEIMERSread on Twitter's suggested user list

@ALZHEIMERread is the Twitter companion to the Alzheimer's Reading Room.
More than 100 Million Americans are touched by Alzheimer's. 60 Million Americans fear Alzheimer's. Those numbers are growing, and so is the cost of fighting Alzheimer's disease.

Go here for the source of this information.

If you search Google using the keyword "Alzheimer's" you will get north of 17,000,000 hits. About 4,000,000 Americans search for information about Alzheimer's each month.

The mission of the Alzheimer's Reading Room is provide insight and advice about Alzheimer's disease. Something that is clearly wanted and needed World wide.

If @ALZHEIMERSread gets on the Twitter suggested user list, we can expect to have about 2,000,000 followers by the time you say--Tweet Tweet Tweet.

Getting on the Twitter suggested user list is like hitting the lottery. If I had my choice I would rather hit the Powerball lottery. On the other hand, we could help a lot more people understand they are not alone if we hit the Twitter lottery.

If you have a twitter account--hit the share button at the top of this article, and send the following to your Twitter account.

RT @ALHEIMERSread Why isn't ALZHEIMERSread on the suggested user list at Twitter?

Better yet, if you have high school aged children ask them to do it, and then ask them to ask their friends to do it.

Will @ALZHEIMERSread make it on to Twitter's suggested user list? Not unless we get the attention of Twitter.

Do you need a reason to do it? Think of it this way.
Every 70 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
At that moment in time, those families need a lot of information and help. Many of you have been there. Where do you turn? Who really wants to help you?

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Click, click, done.

I'll leave it to you decide. Just think!
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