Oct 15, 2009

Shield Healthcare Announces Story Contest to Honor Caregivers

Shield Healthcare announced its 9th annual story contest on "What Makes Caregiving Rewarding?" The contest gives voice to caregivers and health care professionals.
A significant number of our customers are family caregivers at home, tending to a loved one with a chronic medical condition. They unselfishly take on the challenge and responsibility of meeting the daily health and emotional needs of the person in their care. This story contest is a positive way to recognizeand reward this important role.
The contest runs through November 30, 2009 in celebration of National Family Caregiver's Month.

The top three story winners will receive $1000 in American Express Gift Cheques and a 1-year subscription to Today's Caregiver Magazine. The two runner-ups will also be awarded the magazine subscription and $250 in American Express Gift Cheques.

All contest entries must be one-page, typed or hand-written and postmarked by November 30, 2009.

Entries should be mailed to Shield Healthcare, Attn: Caring Solutions, 27911 Franklin Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355 or emailed to caring@shieldhealthcare.com.

Full contest details areavailable on Shield's website at www.shieldhealthcare.com.

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