Oct 30, 2009

Where is the Alzheimer's Association?

Where is the Alzheimer's Association?.....

My name is Bob DeMarco, I am an Alzheimer's caregiver. My mother Dorothy, now 93 years old, suffers from Alzheimer's disease. We live our life one day at a time.

Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Where is the Alzheimer's Association?

As far as I can tell, the Alzheimer's Reading Room has six subscribers from the Alzheimer's Association.

I am sitting here wondering why we don't have more?.

I believe the Alzheimer's Reading Room is accomplishing its core mission -- to bring high quality insight and advice to Alzheimer's caregivers, the families of caregivers, and people in the industry that have hands on experience with Alzheimer's.

The content on this site is frequently syndicated on to the online websites of the Chicago Sun Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Palm Beach Post, Houston Chronicle, and a long list of newspapers. The content is syndicated on Livestrong -- Lance Armstrong's cancer website.

We have articles on the Wall Street Journal, and a direct link to the Alzheimer's Reading Room on the New York Times.

Several hundred blogs syndicate our headline feed.

So where is the Alzheimer's Association?

I believe that many of the Alzheimer's Association volunteers would get a good understanding of what Alzheimer's caregivers are thinking and feeling when they call the Alzheimer's Association for help -- if they read the information and comments on this site.

Perhaps the Alzheimer's Association could consider having their volunteers recommend this website when people call in looking for help, or suggest this website as a resource of information.

I really don't understand what the Alzheimer's Association is doing other than spreading the word about Alzheimer's, and selling a longer and longer list of products.

I believe we are here -- the collective brain of the Alzheimer's Reading Room -- to help people that need our help now and will need us in the future.

I have more than 150 emails from people telling me after subscribing to this site they no longer feel ALONE.

How many does the Alzheimer's Association have?

If you are one of the six subscribers from the Alzheimer's Association you are welcome to comment on this article.

Better yet, how about writing an article about what the Alzheimer's Association is doing to help Alzheimer's caregivers when they call.

I bet our subscribers would welcome the opportunity to comment.
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Bob DeMarco is the editor of the Alzheimer's Reading Room and an Alzheimer's caregiver. The Alzheimer's Reading Room is the number one website on the Internet for news, advice, and insight into Alzheimer's disease. Bob has written more than 800 articles with more than 18,000 links on the Internet. Bob resides in Delray Beach, FL.

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