Nov 11, 2009

Aricept Out, Namenda In, Dimebon Next?

Bye Bye Aricept -- Is Dimebon in our future.....
By Bob DeMarco

I took my mother off Aricept yesterday. She continues on Namenda.

After two months my mother will be eligible for the Dimebon clinical trial that interests us.

I had her tested yesterday, so I know where we stand. She has experienced a slow steady decline over the last three years. We are getting close to what I would personally describe as -- severe.

I am not worried about taking her off the Aricept. However, I will be monitoring her very closely over the near term. Just in case.

It is my belief that Aricept worked well for us. The drug did its job as described in the literature.

My mother is 93 years old, so two months is a long time. If her physical health remains as is, I am confident we will get into the Dimebon clinical trial. Overall, her physical health is good and stable right now.

One of the most important requirements of this Dimebon clinical trial, or any clinical trial, is the participation of a full time caregiver. In addition to administering the medication three times each day, a caregiver is expected to make up to 8 visits to the doctor's office over the 26 week clinical trial. A big but necessary responsibility.

We are fortunate here in Delray Beach that the clinical trial is taking place at Brain Matters Research. The office is about 1.5 miles from our home.

I first met Dr. David Watson of Brain Matters Research in person about three years ago. I also called him to get advice. He is a walking, talking encyclopedia of Alzheimer's science and clinical trials. This includes science and clinical trials outside the purview of Brain Matters Research.

I always enjoy talking to him. I am still hoping to get him to contribute an article -- or ten.

If we are admitted into the Dimebon clinical trial the principle investigator is Dr. Mark Brody of Brain Matters Research.

I'll spend some time discussing the possible side effects of the clinical trial later.

If I feel comfortable that I won't be violating my mother's trust, I will write about our experience in the clinical trial.

The only downside I can see is simple and straightforward -- its a coin flip -- only one out of every two participants in this Dimebon clinical trial gets the drug. One out of every two gets the placebo.

Get your quarter out.

A Phase 3 Efficacy Study Of Dimebon In Patients With Moderate To Severe Alzheimer's Disease
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