Nov 17, 2009

Body of missing man found in woods -- Rose's Nightmare

In September, our own Rose Lamatt wrote about her concern for Mrs J. Mrs J belonged to Rose's church and Rose observed her wandering around town. Mrs J suffered from Alzheimer's disease. This was well known in Rose's community.

Rose's was so worried she couldn't sleep. In her own words Rose said, she was worried that Mrs J would get lost in the woods or worse.

Rose took action. Over one long month she remained persistant. As far as we know Mrs J is now safe thanks to the efforts of one good Samaritan, Rose.

To some, Rose's concern might have been viewed as an over reaction. I bet some people thought she was a typical nervous norvis. An over reactor that stuck her nose in someone's business.
A hunter found the body of a man in the woods near his Newaygo County home (Michigan).

Police say the man is a 75 year old Alzheimer's patient who disappeared last week.

Robert Davis left his home in Goodwell Township last Thursday to visit a neighbor.

His family became worried when he never made it there.

The hunter found his body last night.

An autopsy will be performed today to determine the cause of death.

Police say Davis was not dressed for cold weather.

Sixty percent of people suffering from Alzheimer's wander. This means more than 3 million. It is a big scary problem.

Maybe this should be discussed in our churches. Maybe the pastor of Rose's church will decide to discuss this.

Somebody has to spread the word.

To read about the efforts of Rose Lamatt -- go here. Skip down to the second half of the story.

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