Nov 27, 2009

Christmas Shopping Tip -- Woot -- Me -- and the Alzheimer's Caregiver

I wanted to bring to your attention. They offer a new special sale everyday and sometimes you can get lucky.

Woot customers offer reviews on all the products. Plus, people that already own the products offered frequently weigh in.

Over on Wootkids they have this today -- Tyco Terrainiac RC Vehicle. Good deal? Can't answer that for you.

Last year, Woot had those fleece wrap around ear muffs on the website. They offered them for 5 bucks. I bought five and used them as an extra stocking stuffer. They were also a good cheap gift to use in a pinch, or to let someone know you care (well, care enough to give em a gift, but not enough to go for the Kindle). Its the thought that counts --right?

The fleece ear muffs received excellent reviews. Me? I wouldn't know. Its warm down here in Delray Beach -- all year round.

I can always use a new bathing suit -- hint. Or one of those Tommy Bahama shirts -- hint.

No books this year please. I am buried under a stack of Alzheimer's books that I have not yet read. This makes for unhappy publishers.

You can always feel free to visit Amazon from this website. Just click on a book or the Kindle ad.

Need a great idea for an Alzheimer's caregiver?

My first recommendation is the Nintendo Wii. Maybe the family can chip in for this gift. Bowling, hula hoop, all kinds of good exercise and brain exercises with Nintendo Wii.

My second recommendation would be a respite care gift certificate. This is where you pay in advance for some respite care for the Alzheimer's caregiver. When the caregivers hits the wall they can call the service and take a few hours off to recharge the battery. This would be one heck of a gift in my opinion. Another example where a family could chip in.

My third recommendation -- variation on the theme above. You make a gift certificate with your computer. You spell out how you are ready, willing, and able to jump in and give the caregiver a break. How about a weekend off? Whew, we can dream can't we? Another family effort could be in order.

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