Nov 7, 2009

Insurance Company Requires Proof for Every Aricept Prescription --What toDo?

The insurance company wants proof from the doctor each time I call in the prescription...

Our reader Lisa described this problem in the comments section under the article -- The Combination of Aricept and Namenda Helps Slow the Rate of Decline in Alzheimer's Patients:

My father is taking Namenda twice a day and aricept at night. However, his insurance company balks each time I try to get the Aricept refilled. First of all, I can only get 20 days worth at a time filled...then the insurance company wants proof from the doctor each time I call in the perscrption--proof that he really needs it and the Namenda together. The doctor makes at least two calls to the insurance company before we get approval...this happens each refill. There was a lag time this last time as my father spent some time in a rehab center after breaking his hip...once home we had 4 days worth of Aricept remaining...but it took a week and a half for approval for the refill...In that time period I noticed an instant change in his behavior, demeanor and comprenhension--within two days of being without the Aricept. It took many calls from the doctor and a few calls from me to the Insurance company--inviting them to take care of my father without the aricept before we got the refill. Now within 3 days, he is back to his kind, loving, cooperative self. I think the combination of these two drugs allow my father to live with me just a little bit longer. what a gift!

What would you do? Advice?
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