Oct 13, 2011

7 Tips on How to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Regardless of age, you should be worried about Alzheimer's disease.

By Bob DeMarco
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Worried About Alzheimer's Disease ?

Worried About Alzheimer's Disease ?

Earlier today, I wrote , Can Exercise Slow the Progression of Alzheimer's Disease?

I decided to go back and read some of the previous articles I wrote about exercise. There are quite a few. You can find the list by typing the word - exercise - into the search box on the right sidebar.

I wrote the article below for the first time in 2009.

Five Factor Fitness and Yoga for your Face are my favorites. You do both of these together for 7 weeks and you will be writing me a thank you note. Better yet, your friends one by one will tell you how you look thinner, happier, and younger. Here is the great thing about Five Factor Fitness -- you'll look thinner even if you don't lose weight. You'll get tighter. Same thing on the yoga for your face.

These two routines done together will improve your "self concept".

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1. Worried About Alzheimer's? You Should Be
Regardless of age, you should be worried about Alzheimer's disease. A Harris Interactive poll showed that 100 million Americans are touched by Alzheimer's. The same poll showed that more than 33 million Americans are worried about getting Alzheimer's.

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2. Worried About Alzheimer's? Tip #1 Exercise
If exercise can have this kind of dramatic effect on my mother who already suffers from Alzheimer's, you really need to start wondering to yourself -- is this the way to beat or delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease?
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 3. Worried About Alzheimer's? The Holy Grail of Exercise
In graduate school I studied risky decision making and statistics. I can say with confidence, if you are not exercising you are making a risky decision, and you are increasing the odds that you might suffer from Alzheimer's, heart disease, or any number of diseases that are catastrophic in the long run.
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4.Worried About Alzheimer's? Using Google Search Promotes Memory and a Healthy Brain
A brain study conducted by Dr. Gary Small, a UCLA expert on aging, found that people who search the Internet using Google use more of their brain while engaging in this activity. This suggests searching on the Internet may train the brain -- that it may keep it active and healthy.
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5. Worried about Alzheimer's? If You are a Baby Boomer You Should Be
I'm standing outside FAO Schwarz on Fifth Avenue in New York City. In fifteen minutes I see about 100 people coming and going. I ask myself? Did I just see 8 people that are going to suffer from Alzheimer's during their lifetime?
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6. Worried About Alzheimer's? Yoga for Your Face
There are a long list of scientific articles that indicate exercise reduces the risk of Alzheimer's, dementia, heart disease, diabetes, and lowers LDL cholesterol. You might chuckle when you see the yoga exercises for you face. They work.
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7. Worried About Alzheimer's? Nintendo Wii Hula Hoop
You'll notice you don't actually need a hula hoop. You just mimic the movement. In the case of my mother, I would have her hold on to a high backed chair. The combination of the music and video turns this into a game -- and lots of fun.
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8.Worried about Alzheimer's? Five Ways to Protect Yourself
Protect yourself against Alzheimer's or roll the dice? Here are five good ways to protect your brain and put the odds in your favor.
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