Dec 10, 2009

Alzheimer's Disease -- Brushing the Teeth with the Oral B

Alzheimer's and oral hygiene big problem, or maybe not....

Oral-B Vitality Floss Action Rechargeable Power Toothbrush, Blue and White

Oral-B Vitality Floss Action
Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

+Bob DeMarco
+Alzheimer's Reading Room

Its futile to ask someone suffering from Alzheimer's if they brushed their teeth. Most likely they will say yes every time.

This is one problem I solved twenty five years ago when I started using the Oral-B toothbrush. I would recommend this product to everyone.

Since its the Holiday season, it dawned on my that this would make a great gift for both the person suffering from Alzheimer's and the caregiver. They can both use one system because the heads (toothbrushes) are interchangeable.

If you are an Alzheimer's caregiver, sooner or later you will need to start brushing the teeth of your loved one. I can't imagine what it would be like using the standard old style toothbrush. Rather awkward I would think.

No problem with the Oral-B. If you have never used the product it does feel different when you first put it in your mouth to brush. But you'll get use to.

When using the Oral-B make sure you aim for the gum and the space between your tooth -- right at the top. Get after that gnarly plaque.

The Oral B is easy to use, just think about where the dental hygienists is usually digging around in your mouth. Ready, aim, fire up the Oral B.

The first time I put the Oral B in my mother's mouth, she jumped around like a mexican jumping bean. Now? Now, she still makes a crazy looking face, but after we are done she starts laughing.

Thank goodness. I think she might be thinking we are playing a game.

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