Dec 17, 2009

UH OH Update

Carole Larkin wrote: So fill us in on the rest of the day later. What's the end result- good day or bad?

Carole bad day. The pain in my mother's elbow is persisting. I gave her the medication and a couple of Ibuprofen.

There isn't any swelling and she can use it. This is not a new problem.

It is hard to tell without an MRI if it is her shoulder (likely), tendinitis, or arthritis.

Other than that she is kinda comatose today. Comastose in the sense she isn't talking and has that dull, I am not really here, look on her face.

She is having extreme difficulty walking. She is looking down and more or less to her right. She won't look at me. I think she is forgetting how to breath when she walks.

It has been raining all day, but I doubt that is causing the problem in her elbow.

The weather is normally pretty good down here in Florida, but not today. Constant raining so I couldn't take her out in the sun to try and "perk" her up. I finally took her for a ride in the car.

I put my boat rain coat on her with the hood. She looked like ET. The way she was walking and the hood six sizes two big made me think of that one. I gotta laugh. Not at her, at the way she looks. Kinda funny, kinda heart warming.

I have an interesting picture of her where she looks like Einstein's grandmother. I might put that up some day.

We shall see tomorrow morning.

Its almost her ice cream time. If that doesn't perk her up, which isn't likely, we will wait and see how it goes tomorrow morning.

One day at a time.

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