Jan 31, 2010

Adult Family Homes -- Seniors Exploited and for Sale

Adult family homes are springing up all over the nation. They have become more plentiful than Starbucks stores. But the explosive growth, fueled by profiteers and a lack of careful state regulation, is leaving thousands of people vulnerable to harm......
By Bob DeMarco

High quality care facilities for persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease often have waiting lists. As a result, spouses often look to adult family homes as an alternative. A good idea in principle, it opens the door for con-artists and greedy thieves to exploit our most vulnerable citizens.

You can read the in depth story here. Or watch the video below. Make sure you put something soft in your hand to throw against the wall.

If you know someone in or considering an Adult Family Home share this. Better safe than sorry.

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Original content Bob DeMarco, the Alzheimer's Reading Room