Jan 25, 2010

Hot: Judy Berry on Blog Talk Radio Tonight

Judy Berry is a miracle worker. She takes in persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease that nobody else wants.....
By Bob DeMarco

The Lakeview Ranch is the last stop for the mean and nasty suffering from Alzheimer's disease. They have been thrown out of other Alzheimer's care facilites and nobody wants them.

If antipsychotic drugs don't work, you are out. Unless you are one the few and fortunate that can get into the Lakeview Ranch.

Through the efforts of Judy and her well trained staff, the mean and the nasty are transformed into loving and caring Alzheimer's patients.

Tonight you can listen to, and ask Judy Berry questions on the Blog Talk radio website of Patricia Grace.

The show starts at 6:30 PM ET. Here is the link.


Here is a link to a great story and video about Judy Berry's Hidden Heaven.
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