Sep 25, 2012

I Remember Better When I Paint: Treating Alzheimer's through the Creative Arts

I kept saying this one word over and over in my head -- Remarkable.

I Remember Better When I Paint: Treating Alzheimer's through the Creative Arts

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I Remember Better When I Paint is a documentary film about the positive impact of art and other creative therapies on people with Alzheimer's disease.

The film examines the way creative arts changes people with dementia. Changes their behavior. Brings out a special kind of vibrancy in them.

Art transforms them in a way that is best understood by looking at their faces.

In the words of Max Wallack "more there".  More there -- imagination. More there -- personality.

When you watch this video trailer pay close attention to the look on the artist faces that are living with dementia. They seem alive and vibrant. So different, so very different.

I know many persons suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia.

I have seen many more in Alzheimer's day care centers. To be perfectly honest when I first started observing and seeing people suffering from Alzheimer's it was very painful.

At times I was afraid to look, I had to avert my eyes. Now I am startled by the feeling of calmness that comes over me. I feel like a very bright light turns on inside of me. It is hard to describe in a few words.

I have written many times about how it is my belief that persons living with Alzheimer's are capable of more than is commonly believed.

"More There".


"I Remember Better When I Paint"

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