Feb 27, 2010

Pennies from Heaven

I'm sitting here thinking about 40 topics that I could write about today. I am thinking about poop and the magic elixir. Nothing coming out of my fingers.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

A reader emailed me and reminded me of the time I took on the credit card company in court on behalf of my mother. On the way to the trial my mother asked, if they would allow anyone to visit her if they put her in jail. The outcome was interesting.

When it was all said and done, not only didn't we pay the credit card one red cent, they were happy to get rid of us. Oddly, more than 18 months prior to that outcome I had offered them $1900 to settle the problem and make it go away.

Instead the credit card company got bumpkiss, and they averted war. If anyone is having a credit card problem that is related to someone suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia, let me know and I will write this one up.

By now, you might be starting to get the idea that I like war. Not really. But when I declare war, I somehow get a new energy and focus. I mean in the pee pee war it was pee pee or me. Poop almost got me right in the face, but didn't.

So here is the set up. Mom is over on the sofa. I am over here in the Florida room staring at my computer. I have it set up so mom can see me all the time. This solved the problem of hearing mom go, Bobby, Bobby, all day long when she couldn't see me.

The movie Corrina, Corrina is on the television (TBS). The song Pennies from Heaven comes on. And there goes Dotty singing away. Right out of the clear blue sky. Dotty sounds pretty good by the way. She doesn't know all the words. But its making me feel pretty pretty happy.

This movie Corrina, Corrina is full of all kinds of oldies music. Really a very sweet movie.

Uh oh, there goes Whoopi Goldberg singing one of the Jello songs. Dig that. In the movie I meant.

If your lucky, you have like 80 music channels on your cable television. You can turn on the appropriate music channel and give it a shot.

Penny here, Penny there, they start to add up.

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