Mar 11, 2010

A Day in the Life of Phil

ONE of the worse things about this rotten disease is losing the ability of taking care of myself....

By Phil Reinoehl

My journey along this road of learning to live with Alzheimer's is becoming just a little more frustrating. I read the article by Kerry -- Haunted -- and I am at the beginning stages of the gentleman trying to figure out how to get out the correct credit card.

I recently am in the process of changing bank accounts to make my move from where I live now to the great state of Texas with my Son and his family.

So I tried to do this myself. I have done this before and went to my credit union to ask them what I needed to do. They told me my account would be closed.

I then went out to my car and got to thinking I wonder if I can still use my debit card or will I need to come and draw out money from a living, breathing real person,

I thought and wondered and just let it go. Believe me it was long gone!!!! I do not really carry cash but I also knew I really did not see any reason that I would need cash until the next account was all set up.

Later on in the same day, the closing of my back account completely gone from my memory, I was very hungry and thought I would go to Penn Station to get a Reuben. So I went to Penn Station to get the sandwich and when I got to pay for it, I gave them my debit card.

I can not thank the young man and the manager in helping me through this process of helping me to understand what was going on. Through our conversation I finally told them about exactly what happened, I have Alzheimer's and I think my money I need for you is still in the bank account and I have to go and I will come back when I have cash. I apologized for the inconvience and began to walk out.

They said, wait take the sandwich it is already made. I thanked them over and over for understanding and told them I would bring the money back the next day. The manager said no you come here all the time and this one is on us.

This is not what I would call haunting to me, just frustrating for me, not to remember what I need to do to just feel like I still can live and take care of myself.

I can see and feel for the older gentleman, he had some help with him to make the right decisions and God Bless his family for being next to him and helping him do things for himself.

ONE of the worse things about this rotten disease is losing the ability of taking care of myself.

God Bless Phil & Flops

Editor note: Phil is a subscriber and frequent commenter on the Alzheimer's Reading Room. He often comments about how he is feeling and dealing with Alzheimer's. His insights are valuable in helping all of us understand what Alzheimer's is like for a person suffering from Alzheiemer's disease.

I might add, there are a lot of wonderful people out there as this story points out.

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