Mar 11, 2010

Mom Hands Me 25 Bucks -- Bingo!

Mom actually divided 50 by two and came up with 25. Then she went into her cash stash and figured out how to come up with a 20 and 5.
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I wrote before about how mom use to play bingo with the pro's. When you play with the pro's -- no talking. If you talk during the game they will "shush" you.

Now mom is reduced to playing in this little game down the street that goes on for a few months during the Florida season. Small money. They pay about 10 bucks a game with one exception of the last game. The last game is a coverall. You have to get every number on your card to win.

Last night mom won the big game. She managed to cover her card all by herself. However, her friend had to tell her to yell bingo. Mom can plug those numbers, but she is clueless when it comes to what it takes to make a Bingo.

So at 9:30 PM, I drove over to pick up mom and two of her friends --Josie and Olga. Since mom won the last game, she was still all excited when I walked it to pick them up. There she is holding on to a 50 dollar bill. I try to get her to give it to me to hold, no way.

After I get home and get her settled into her pajamas, everything is nice and quite. Then all of a sudden mom is yelling Bobby, Bobby. I think "crap" or something like that, and go blazing down to her bedroom. There is mom. She wants to give me some money. I take it. A twenty and a five.
I think WOW.

Mom actually divided 50 by two and came up with 25. Then she went into her cash stash and figured out how to come up with a 20 and 5. Might not sound like much to the average Joe or Mary Blow but I was surprised. Pleasantly.

I think mom actually remembered winning last night when I asked her this morning. Or did she? Beats me but she acted like she did.

Add Bingo to the list of good things for someone suffering from Alzheimer's to do. Mom looked very aware this morning. She looked like her old herself. You can't beat that in my opinion.

Ok, gotta go, I have to figure out what to do with my 20 and 5. Any suggestions?

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