Mar 1, 2010

Party On, The Moral of the Story

Dotty says, grab him and put him in the cage......
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

On Saturday, I wrote Philly Cheese Steak and Potato Chips. In that article I wrote about how after years of resisting her daily shower, Dotty decided to take a shower on her own without any assistance.

Many of you commented on the article, thanks. Those comments made me laugh, smile, and they made me feel good.

Dotty, did get her Philly cheese steak and potato chips. When I asked her how it tasted she responded, I'm busy. Her way of saying good. I have to get in the movie business. Watching the look on Dotty's face as she ate the cheese steak was priceless. What can I say? Dotty has a simple way to rank food, if its bad for your health, its good for Dotty.

So now we move up to Sunday. I am not really thinking anything. Out of the clear blue sky Dotty starts to get up from the sofa. I ask, what are you going to do? She responds, I have to go to the bathroom and then I am going to take a shower.

I think way? No way? Way.

I guide Dotty to the bathroom. She goes in and sits down on the pot. I decide I am going to hang back and see what happens. This goes along with my philosophy, if she can do it let her do it, and damn the torpedo's.

I peek in a few times. Dotty is still on the pot. This in fact is a very good sign. Looks like we are getting both number one and number two. I like this.

Finally, Dotty gets up. Sure enough she is going for the shower. She gets in, she gets the water on. I think to myself, let it be.

Dotty gets in, water running, she doesn't close the shower door. I sneak in, gently push the shower door shut. She doesn't catch me. I talk a walk. LOL, around the joint.

Dotty comes out. Puts on the cloths I laid out for her. Sometimes I lay out the cloths and Dotty puts on her Sunday go to meeting cloths instead. Not today.

There is Dotty. Even her hair is wet. How bout that. I get out the brush and spray in hair conditioner. I decide I'll give Dotty a flip today. So I get the round brush out. For some reason, Dotty doesn't want her hair cut. So it is now down a bit below her shoulders. I put in the flip, kinda sorta.

Next, I decide its time to get out into the light. We get out the door. There is a medium size egret sitting on the hood of our car. An egret is one of those beautful white birds with the stick legs and long beak. They look unreal when the fly. They soar and have long wings.

I stop Dotty and say look, I don't want to scare the bird away.

Dotty says, grab him and put him in the cage. Dotty is a bird lover. She had many parakeets throughout her life. She once bought a cockatoo, but it gave her a rash. We still have the parakeet cage. That is where she wants me to put the egret.

We get near the car and the egret soars into the sky. Magnificent. Sure enough and as expected, the egret pooped on the hood of the car. One long stream of white bird poop. Dotty and I both laugh.

The moral of this story?

Nobody can poop on our parade today. We party on.......

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