Mar 5, 2010

Alzheimer's Puzzle Project Gives Teen's Life Meaning

There is an article about Max Wallack and Puzzles to Remember in the Winter/Spring edition of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America magazine.

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“I would tell any teen that is going through dealing with a family member with dementia living at home that they will look back at this time and realize that it made them a stronger person, and they will be proud of their participation in caregiving,” said Wallack, who hopes to become a geriatric psychiatrist.

“I went through some very hard times with Great Grams, but she left me a legacy. She gave me a purpose to my life. Through me, she has already touched the lives of many people.”

Here is a link to Pay it Forward: Teen Puts Pieces in Place for Puzzle Project in the current edition of Care Advantage. Look for Max on page 14.

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