Mar 4, 2010

Reader Response to Pfizer Medivation Dimebon Connection Study Results

Here are a few responses (and mine) we received to the Pfizer (PFE) Medivation (MDVN) Connection Study results that were released yesterday......
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room
I am stunned. My husband has been doing well on the drug, especially after he got out of the trial and into the extension phase, with the real drug. Memory is better, he is more social, does better on sequential tasks. I had bought stock. I can't believe the results, given our experience. I hope your mom does as well as he has. I hope we can keep getting the drug.

I was just about to confirm with a local clinical trial center in Princeton NJ, and now I feel I have to rethink that choice, as my wife would have to stop taking Aricept.

I'm not surprised by this, as this is so typical in what I have seen with Clinical Trials for AD. Yet, I hope they continue to work on the data to see what happened.

We need more funding for research AND for funding to help caregivers.
I would hope they would continue the trial with dimebon and Namenda. My mother's neurologist (not involved in the trial) tested her prior to the start of the blind trial and 7 or 8 months since the open trial. He was amazed at the improvement. Unfortunately she has had so many gastrointestinal problems that we decided to take her out of the trial this week. She's lost about 30 lbs, has constant stomach pain, diarrhea, etc. I would think that other people without the gastro side effects might greatly benefit from the dimebon /Namenda combination.
Many of you know my mother is enrolled in a Dimebon clinical trial. As of this writing, the trial she is enrolled in is still ongoing.

I mentioned previously that I would not discuss how my mother was doing/did until the 26 week trial ended and she was in the extension phase.

I am going to make a small exception here. So far my mother is not experiencing any significant side effects. However, it is impossible to know whether she is on Dimebon or the placebo. I know from prior research that study participants can benefit substantially from the frequent, high-quality medical attention they receive as part of the clinical trial. See One Good Reason To Consider an Alzheimer's Clinical Trial

I will say, so far I am pleased with the Dimebon clinical trial. Nothing negative to say. We will stay in the clinical trial if it continues. I can't see any downside.

I can say that the medical attention and the personal attention my mother is receiving in the trial is fantastic. We enrolled in the study through Brain Matters Research in Delray Beach, Florida.

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