Mar 31, 2010

Thoughts From a Person with Dementia -- Can You See ME?

Can You See ME?
I am sitting here with my eyes open, though you speak as if I am not here.
I am here! Can't you see me?
I AM still in here!

Touch me with your hand, Please, my skin still feels. Rub my arm and pat my hand. I CAN feel you. I long for human contact.
I AM in here.

Talk to me. I am alone and isolated in this chair. I am lonely but I cannot tell you. I feel helpless, I can't move by myself.

I sit here all day with no stimulation, only the sound of alarms and intercoms.
I am bored! PLEASE TALK TO ME!

This poem was written by Anne Marie a woman suffering from dementia. The poem was sent to us by Judy Berry, Lakeview Ranch.

The poem is fascinating and enlightening.

It caught my attention for an additional reason.

On January 11, 2010, I posted my own poem.

The Whisper
I see you
I know you're in there
I'm here with you

Bob DeMarco

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